hanging artChoosing a right gallery for an enticing piece of art involves loads of research. But does choosing a good art piece involves equivalent diligence? As the art-work is a matter of expense which goes up substantially if you go with renowned artists, it can also be considered as a safe investment if done judicially. Following are the few points that will certainly help you out in choosing a right art piece to make your home decor distinguishing.

Hanging Artwork

hanging artworkLeaning an artwork against a wall is in latest trend. In case you choose with a piece that has no option except hanging, ensure that the frame should only be 10-16 inches above your seating arrangement. It should be placed in the way that the heart of art piece must be at eye-level that could catch instant attention. To lean an artwork, choose the highlighted areas as fireplace to give your place an exotic look.

Open to the Options

artwork optionsDon’t get stubborn while choosing an art-work as paintings. Broaden up your horizons with different options available like various antique pieces, a mixture of visual elements or sculptures. Choose your art-piece that can have the greatest impact on enhancing decor of your home.

Choosing Colours

artwork colourCalming colours suit best for bedrooms while vibrant colours should be used for living and drawing rooms. So always choose a piece of art in parity with the shades used in various rooms. People often avoid white colour in the view that it lacks character but an artwork at the midst of white actually becomes a centre of attraction.

Right Size

right size artworkIt is very important to have a correct measurement for the art-work required as well as the space where it shall be placed. A very small art-work may be unable to drive attention while a very big piece may spoil the look. Hence you should always assess the correct measurement of an art-work that is apt for a space provided.

Creative Framing

creative frameBest way to refresh an old piece of art is to reframe it differently. Even a small piece of art can have a big effect with the help of a magnificent frame. So be selective about choosing a frame for your art-work to give an elegant look to your place.

Design your room around the art

art on wallIt is always recommended to make your art-piece focal of your room. It should be placed at a location which grabs instant attention upon entrance. Then proceed to design your room around it, keeping it a centre of attraction of the place.

Light it up

lighting artworkA dull and muted art-work will not much impressive while adding a bit of light may work wonders for the same piece of art. So, to pop your artwork with lighting to make is an actual of attraction that grabs instant attention.

Add an element of fun and experiment to make your home decor exquisite. It is not essential to buy expensive piece of art and from renowned artists, adding a little creativity to even an ordinary art-piece can work wonders for your home decor.

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