top 1We as Indians have always been really familiar with the concept of floor seating. And with innovative and modern interior designs ruling the world, floor seating has become extremely popular and classy all over. In India, we have been following it as a culture in ceremonies to various traditions and rituals. But have you ever thought why? This is because we feel that we get connected to the earth and its energy through the floor! Sounds extremely spiritual, right?

So when you are trying to give your home a new look, DO NOT forget to incorporate floor seating, which looks cool and comfortable but at the same time chic and classy!

So we have some suggestions for floor seating for you which you just cannot miss! –

1. If you are fond of reading, then you must have always wanted peaceful reading space of your own. Now you can achieve that by turning a vacant corner of your house into a reading space. Just keep a large mattress and some pillows. Don’t forget to use bright coloured bed-sheets and cushion covers.1-1

2. If you want to get the exact theatre feels at your home, then floor seating is the best option. Just keep a large mattress with comfortable pillows (which can act as your own recliners) in front of your home theatre and you are all set to enjoy movies with a tub of popcorn.


3. The simplest way of adopting a floor seating is to get the entire floor covered with a simple mat. And keep lots of bright-coloured cushions and pillows to bring vibrancy in the area. This place can be perfect for evening tea and snacks or even casual chit-chat sessions with loved ones!


4. Floor seating plan works in a perfect way for kids’ room. This is because there is no fear of them falling down while playing (as in the case of bed) and floor seating is comfortable for kids too! So just keep a mattress in the kids’ room and cover it with really catchy bed-sheets with cartoon prints or bright pillows. It even provides an ample area for playing.


5. Patios and verandahs always need to have an X-factor attached to them and floor seating helps them achieve so! Just look for various floor seating options or even low seating options for patios. You wouldn’t have thought about this, but it really adds an ethic and chic touch to the area.