remodel home decor
There are so many times when you look around the house and want to bring some modifications in the house. But then you think about the money and drop the idea. And that is exactly where you are totally wrong. It is a complete myth that remodeling and modifying your house will burn a hole in your pocket! You definitely do not need to spend a fortune of your money to give a make-over to any room. You can easily enjoy a new look by just adopting some inexpensive and small changes which you had not considered before.
Just follow these simple ways to remodel your house in the best and easiest way possible –

1. Say bye to monotonous walls!No monotonous wallIf you have walls that appear dull and boring, then please add some excitement to them. And there are no rules and norms to follow. Just fill the walls with whatever you adore or have a fetish for. It can be anything from artwork to funky photo frames to photo collages to even murals. You can arrange them in an organized manner or even in a haphazard manner which will add a really trendy look to the wall. Just let your creativity come out and do wonders!

2. Shelves should be added! shelves at homeWe have always considered using shelves to make our house look organized and methodical. But we keep very limited things on shelves which we have been seeing our ancestors keep. But now as the modern designs have taken over the world, shelves have a great role to play in it. So, buy more stylish shelves, whether colourful to match your other items of home décor or simple wooden or even antique and see what difference (in a positive way of course) it can bring to your house! You can keeps books, trophies and so many other things and maybe even flaunt your collection of various items.

3. Bright curtains and bed-sheets curtains and bedsheetsGone are the days when people only used to go for light and subtle colours for bedspreads and upholstery. But as bright colours are catching up the trend in almost everything, bedspreads and upholstery are also not left behind! Just swap your existing dull colours with bright and vibrant colours to add excitement in your life. You can be very experimentative with the wallpapers which have also become extremely popular nowadays.

4. Storing is the key pink boxJust as we talked about the shelves, same goes for boxes of storage also. Bring colourful boxes in different sizes, which can be hand-made or even beautifully crafted and store things which make the room look messy in those boxes. Apart from removing the clutter from home, they will add freshness and a childlike charm. If you want to be creative, then you can start painting them yourself. Just look for boxes which you have been considering waste till now and grab some acrylic colours. Let your creativity get the best of you!

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