templeIndia has always been a very traditional country in every aspect we can think of! Our years old traditions come out in one way or the other in most of the things we do. Following these traditions, it is mandatory to have a temple (Pooja room) in your home, the most auspicious and divine place of your home, well-lit. But nowadays, modern designs of houses and the limited space have resulted in very small spaces left for Pooja rooms. Despite the size, what we cannot forget is the proper lighting.

These are different lights that will beautifully light up the Pooja room and at the same will maintain the divine feeling –

1. Panel Lights Are In!Panel lights are inGone are the days when only bright lights for pooja room were the trend People have come out and adopted new ways of lighting that are subtle and soothing to the eyes. One such method is panel lighting. Since these lights are covered, the light they emit out is soft and subtle which makes the entire place look very peaceful and divine. They can be fitted on the ceilings or in the backdrops.

2. LEDs and Electric DiyasLEDs and electric diyasHaven’t electric diyas made the world an easier place to live? Of course, yes! No more wasting time on oil and battis to light up the diyas because electric diyas are here as the savior! Similarly, string of LED lights, (popularly known as china lights), have been dominating the market for quite some time now. They are easy to handle and use, beautiful to look at and the most importantly come at cheap prices! What more could you have ask for!

3. SpotlightsSpotlightsIf you feel your holy Pooja room is so small that it looks like any other corner of the house, then these lights are just for you! They will make your pooja room glow with lights and stand out from other portions of the house. But make sure the lights are not very harsh in colour otherwise the divine and serene essence of the pooja room will be lost and it will give a ‘disco’ feel which will not serve the purpose!

4. Natural SunlightNatural sunlightNatural version of anything is the best and same applies to the lights for temple in your home also. Sunlight is the best kind of light that a Pooja room can encounter! Windows can be created to let the sunlight in to bring purity and positivity in the Pooja room.