sofaWhat is a living room or a drawing room, as you may call it, all about? It is all about the perfect sofa! The main highlight of every living room! But it is not only restricted to just living rooms now. They are now used very popularly in bedrooms also! And it is not every day that you keep buying a sofa because of the high costs involved. It is a total disappointment if even after being expensive; your sofa is not impressive or comfortable or doesn’t suit the room. So there are three things that you must keep in mind before buying that perfect sofa.

So here is a three step guide you must follow before buying the sofa –

1.Purpose – What will be the purpose of the sofa in your living space?PurposeFirst of all you have to seriously decide that how will you use the sofa? Whether it will be for proper use or just for the show? If your sofa is to be kept in the living room, then you may not use it very frequently so you can be tension-free about choosing particularly stain-resistant fabrics or deep or plush seats. This is because it won’t be used that much.
On the other hand, if your sofa is to be kept in your bedroom or a common room in which everybody spends an ample amount of time, you really need to go into the minutest of details! The fabric and its durability, the seat and its comfort and obviously the cushions! So the main focus is that the sofa should be well-made.

If you regularly have guests coming over, or extremely restless and naughty kids, or even lot of napping on the sofa, then comfort and durability should be most important factors to be considered.

2.Size – The number of people who are going to sit on the sofa at once?SizeIf you have a family with many members, then you must ensure that the sofa is able to entertain those members. You can either choose a set of two sofas or a really large sofa. You must contemplate things like whether you’ll host parties and how many people are going to come. You can also keep comfortable and classy chairs along with the sofa to complement the sofa set.

But, if you have a small family, then you can easily keep a standard sized sofa for your family members.

3.Space – what is the size of your room and how large the sofa should be?SpaceSpace always remains the most important aspect when buying a sofa. You need to find the correct size of sofa which will be suitable for the room you want to keep it in. If you have a large sized room, then there is not any problem because you can choose there will be no size constraint. On the other hand, if you have small room, then you really need to ensure that the sofa should not be excessively big. The best way to do is to all the necessary measurements of the room as well as the sofa to make it correctly fir your room!