TOPFeng Shui is all about the energies present in everything around us. To get the best out of those energies we look up to feng shui tips. Have you ever thought what actually makes you happy?

It is actually the vibe of things around you which affects your mood and ultimately your happiness. Feng shui tips for having a happy home and family will help you manage that vibe so that the happiness in home is not lost.

So, here are some easy feng shui tips for a happy home –

The Tibetan BellTIBETAN BELLEverybody tries to be and think positive. But sometimes, maybe because of stress and tensions in life, people tend to think negatively. Therefore, it is very important to divert those thoughts back to positivity. And the best way to achieve that is by ringing the Tibetan bell in and around your house, every few days. This will give way to positive energies in inside your house!

The EntranceBeing the first thing that everybody notices, the entrance of your house has to be beautiful, attractive and refreshing. If the entrance is dull and demotivating, it kills the entire vibe. Therefore, you can hang a beautiful painting or any kind of art-work, put a fountain, or anything which adds liveliness to the entrance.

Three legged toadThree legged toadNo matter how much people deny accepting it, money does play an important role, be it in a direct or indirect way, in an individual’s happiness. It may not be able to solve all your problems, but it surely does help! And that is why the three legged toad, which is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, should be kept in such a way that is faces the main door. This greatly helps in your luck of wealth.

Babies really are God’s gift!Babies really are God’s gift!If you have shifted to a new house and don’t have enough time to follow the tips for happy home, this is the easiest way to check out the positive energies. Take a new born baby with you to your new house and just check whether he cries without any reason or not. If the baby starts crying, then that’s a signal for the new house carrying some negative energies.

But, if the baby is happy and laughing, then you can be assured of the place being positively protected.

The Unwanted GuestsThe Unwanted GuestsEverybody has some people in their lives, with whom you don’t vibe well with. Or maybe there are some people who you feel bring some kind of negative energies in your life. And such people visiting your home can instantly deteriorate your mood. Ignoring such people bluntly would definitely not look and can even make you feel guilty. But don’t worry, as we have an intelligent and easy tip for a happy home. When these guests visit your place, make them sit on such seats that their back faces the entrance. This easy trick with almost no efforts will make these people leave your home soon!

Name plate outside your homeName plate outside your home 1We have seem almost everybody having their name plates hanged outside their homes and the reason seems obvious, simply to let people who visit your home know that you live there. But it has deeper reasons attached to it. According to feng shui, the name plate gives way to all the opportunities to your home and also the opportunities do not even lose their way! So if you don’t have a name plate yet, work towards it soon!

Remove the clutterclutterThe most common and followed tip for having a happy home and family is to follow orderliness at your home. Having cluttered homes can disturb your peace of life in ways you never thought of. Unnecessary things and trash should be immediately removed, as they bring futile confusions in life. Stuff that validates your life should be kept and used.

PlacementsPlacementsAccording to feng shui, everything has a correct placement which brings out the best energy from it possible. Some most important of them are –

  • You bed should NOT be placed in such a way that when you are able to see your reflection in the bedroom mirror. Place it in a way that it does not face the mirror on the opposite.
  • In the kitchen, the sinks should be place in the opposite direction of the gas stove.
  • If talking about the doors of your house, they should open in the inwards direction to welcome the QI energy.
  • A wind chime should never be hanged over the bed because there are chances that it may have attached some negativity during the day.
  • If possible, it should be made sure that main door or the window is not facing any tree as it can bring health conditions to the family.

The fish and waterTOPFlowing water in the living space symbolizes increasing wealth while fish indicates abundance. That is the reason people keep aquariums in their homes as they not only bring out the individual benefits of fish and water but also their combined benefits are peace and positive vibes. But is has to be ensure that the water in the aquarium is regularly cleaned. They can be kept individually also in the form of fountains or fish figurines.

FlooringFlooringIf you find any part of the floor broken or damaged, then it has to be repaired immediately. This is because a broken tile or any kind of broken flooring disturbs the relationships of the family members. If maybe, repairing is not possible, then the damaged part should be covered with something like a carpet or a rug.