feng shui

Feng Shui is simply a way of attracting positive energy (known as chi) by placing objects in a certain order. Feng shui is also known to create energies around you which help you in your luck of wealth. To achieve that, there are certain feng shui items for wealth for your home. These cheap feng shui items are not guaranteed to bring you wealth, but will definitely give you the required support to achieve wealth.

So here we have some of the best feng shui items for wealth for you –

Laughing Buddhalaughing buddha for wealthIt is one of the most common and cheap feng shui items known to us. And for bringing wealth, laughing Buddha made up of bronze is kept in houses. In living spaces, it should be kept near the entrance or a place which is direct to the entrance door. It is also very beneficial to keep it on your work desk as it greatly helps in your career and relieving stress.

Chinese God of Wealth –Tsai Shen Yeh chinese god of wealthOne of the most followed and popular gods of wealth, he is symbolized by sitting on the tiger. This showcases the great amount of power and control he has. Displaying the Chinese god as a feng shui item for wealth is bound to help you in the same.

Feng Shui coins feng shui coinsAlso known as old Chinese coins, feng shui coins are an old and powerful way for attracting wealth by feng shui. The shapes of these coins (square and circle) symbolize heaven and earth. To use these coins what you have to do is tie three coins together with a red thread. Then hang these tied coins inside the entrance of your house to display that you already have wealth!

Feng Shui Three Legs Frogfeng shui frogsThree legs frog is considered to be the luckiest feng shui item for wealth. This creature has three legs and is drowning in money as it sitting on a bed with coins and ingots, and also has three coins in its mouth. The three leg frog is known to attract gold in the house when it is placed diagonally across the front door in a low position.
For best results, keep nine of these frogs in your house.

Pi Yao PiYaoBeing one of the most popular feng shui items for money, Pi Yao is also known as the gambler’s god in feng shui. It also used as an item for protection of wealth. If you want to attract floating kind of wealth like stock markets, gambling etc. then Pi Yao is the best feng shui item!

TIP – Buy a lottery ticket and keep it under Pi Yao and maybe, wonders can happen!!

Turtle Dragonturtle dragonTurtle dragon is the one of the oldest feng shui items for wealth in the history. It has the combination of powers of both the dragon and the turtle. Keeping this in your house brings various benefits like increased income, career growth, business success etc.

Chinese 3 star gods (3 wise men Fuk, Luk and Sau)chinese 3star godsPopularly known as the 3 wise men (Fuk, Luk and Sau), Chinese 3 star gods are one of the legendary gods and they are kept by people all over the world to bring a growth in happiness, health and wealth.

They have a great popularity and importance as they are a symbol of everything that is required for a person to be happy. At least one set of Chinese 3 star gods should be kept in the house to bring all the luck.

Gold Ingotsgold ingotsGold has always been a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Gold ingots are a feng shui item for wealth, which have been used traditionally over the years. They have a boat shape and are ancient Chinese currency. The best way to get the positive results of gold ingots is to keep them in front of laughing Buddha or turtle dragon.

Dragon Head Sailing Shipdragon head sailing shipSailing ship is considered to bring wealth from the wind and water. And that is the reason why many businessmen keep this feng shui item for money in front of their offices and stores. The placement of this ship should be in such a way that it is fact to face with the entrance of the place where it is kept. This symbolizes that ship is going inside.

Fish Figurinefish figurine According to feng shui, fish is a symbol of profusion. Similarly, flowing water also attracts wealth. And a combination of both, which is aquarium, is kept by people in their homes. But sometimes, it becomes difficult to maintain the aquarium and then comes fish figurines. And therefore, many people keep fish figurines instead of live fish to attract wealth.