topIn metro cities filled with dust and pollution, we are rarely able to breathe fresh air. Plants and trees, which are the best source of fresh air outdoors, are not at all acknowledged by people because of the lack of time. But does that mean you cannot grow plants inside your living space? No, it doesn’t! So for people who don’t have time for proper gardening, we bring you some plants that are extremely easy to grow indoors and require very little space.

1.Aloe VeraAloe Vera You must have heard your mom taking the name of this plant every time you faced any skin related problem. Well, that explains everything as moms are ALWAYS right! This plant is a little different as it wants to be dry and warm. It doesn’t need high amounts of water so you have to water it only when the soil inside is dry. The perfect place to keep this plant is on a sunny window.

2.Indian Basilindian basilRemember every time you had a sore throat and mom used to make Tulsi Chai for you? Yes, you guessed it right! Indian Basil is that Tulsi plant. Widely known for its medicinal properties, Indian Basil comes with negligible maintenance. Plant it in a simple pot and have the air around you purified! The perfect place to keep this plant is sunny window.

3.Areca PalmAreca PalmCommonly known as ‘Golden Cane Palm’, Areca Palm looks very attractive and striking when kept indoors. This leafy plant has a tendency to grow as tall as 30 feet sometimes. But since that is not possible indoors, it has to be planted in a small container which will crowd the roots to restrict the size of the plant. Areca Palm filters toluene and xylene from the air along with adding moisture to it. The important thing to be kept in mind is that this plant has to be kept away from direct sunlight as it results in the leaves turning yellow.

4.Spider PlantSpider PlantSpider Plant gets its catchy and unusual name because of the shape of its leaves which keep swinging like a spider’s web. This beautiful-to-look-at plant battles against formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and carbon monoxide. If you ever notice that its leaves have turned yellow, then you do not need to worry. This is a common feature of Spider Plant and it gets back to its usual self. You have to use soil that is well drained and is not at all soggy.

5.Snake Plantsnake Plant 2Spider Plant is commonly known as Mother-in-Law’s tongue and acts as a great air purifier. Formaldehyde is commonly found in personal-care products and Snake Plant helps in filtering it out. It is like that low-maintenance and loyal pet of yours which requires no over-the-top attention. Even if you ignore it for a few days or forget to water it on time, it will still remain loyal to you and give fresh long leaves! They need free-draining soil as the only risk involved with them is their easily-rotting nature.

6.English IvyEnglish IvyThis green plant is great in reducing the fecal-matter particles from the air. English Ivy requires a lot of light to look green and fresh. If it is not able to get the amount of sunlight it needs, it becomes the best friend of the pests! When watering, special care has to be taken and the soil has to dry before watering again.

7.DracaenaDracaenaThis plant is also a very tall-growing and can grow up to 12 feet. Therefore it has to be kept in a place where it gets ample amount of space to grow. Pruning is also an easy to handle its height as the new leaves will grow below the cut in a few weeks’ time. It doesn’t require direct sunlight. It needs soil that is moist but not at all soggy. If you ever notice yellow leaves appearing in Dracaena, it is an indication to stop over-watering or making the drainage proper. The best place to keep it is near a sheer curtain.

8.AzaleaAzaleaAzalea flowers are beautiful in a picture-perfect kind of way. They also help in reducing formaldehyde from the air and are available in many colours. Spring season is their best friend as in that period of the year, they produce flowers which last for several weeks. They can be kept in places which do receive sufficient amount of light as they are highly resistant to shade. You can even help the plant retain its shape by trimming it whenever required. Keep it in your bedroom and notice yourself getting happy every time you look at it!

9.Weeping FigWeeping FigWeeping Fig is a little slow to grow when young, but once it reaches its complete form there’s no stopping it. It can grow up to 10 feet! This extremely leafy plant fights against emanations from furniture and carpets. But what has to be kept in mind is to not move the plant around inside the house too much as it sheds its leaves if done so. Place it in a bright spot which receives indirect sunlight and don’t move it from there. It also has to be kept away from places which receive direct hot or cold air as this also causes shedding of leaves, for example, in front of windows or on the doorways.

10.Ladies’ Slipper OrchidLadies’ Slipper OrchidDue to its colour and vibrancy, this plant removes dullness from your home. As the name suggests, Ladies’ Slipper Orchids have slipper shaped flowers. The exotic looking dark green leaves are like an icing on the cake. While watering this plant, special care should be taken.

If you are using water that has been chemically treated, then this water has to be kept in a container before using it for watering. It needs watering just once a week. It has to be kept away from direct sunlight.