2017-06-01 (1)Real Estate Business is a great business that can give one huge returns in the long run and constant flow of money. For every business and similarly Real Estate, one needs to be well planned about the steps to be taken for giving the business a good start that will sustain. The Startups have been in demand in India and giving a platform to many aspiring businessmen. For your Real Estate Startup to bloom, you need to follow 10 pieces of advice from already successful entrepreneurs in the field.

10 advice to be followed
1.Document the Idea: For one to have a startup Real Estate Business, ensure that every idea is documented so that you know how to and where to start from. Unless your idea is documented, you won’t be too serious in executing the plan.

2.Know the Market Well: When you are up for Real Estate business, you should know that there is already a business in existence for decades which means a tough competition. You should be ready for all the challenges that come your way. Doing a proper study of the market will make you more aware of the scenario and make you ready for the current challenges.

3.Planning: You either plan to fail or fail to plan. The choice is yours. No business is successful without a proper planning and execution that is as hard as a rock. So plan ahead of time and it should be a full proof one. Give your heart and soul to it.

4.Hire professionals: A business can’t run single-handedly. You need people who you can delegate your work to. These are work which can be not focused on by you. This way you will have time for other bigger decisions and functioning.

5.Trademarks, branding, and registration: A business needs a trademark that is its patent creation. This gives your business a brand identity. Like the way we associate the brand Apple with the icon of an apple, similarly, you need to have an icon or trademark in place so that everyone identifies your business with that symbol. And yes, register your company. This opens the door for universal recognition. I am sure you don’t want to restrict yourself to your region.

6.Marketing and Sales: Well, this is a very important aspect of helping your business being noticed and visible. Without visibility, no business works. You need to be noticed by people, your work should be recognized by the consumers; your hard work should be appreciated and praised. In short, you need to be the talk of the town. This is possible with the co-operation of the best sales and marketing professionals who you need to cherry pick. It is your business, so get involved in the recruitment. No one else will know your choice better than you.

7.Lead the team: For a startup to succeed, one needs to have the best boss. Now, this term is never liked by the delegates. It is very important that you lead your team and work with them rather than being too bossy and losing out on people in a few months. A good leader will be able to retain people for ages and a bad leader is only busy recruiting people.

8.Meet consultants: No matter how smooth the process looks, you need to know if you are heading to the right direction. For that, you need to pause, meet the experts in the field and consult with them on the pros and cons of your new venture. You won’t believe but there will be many things that you will learn and maybe need to tweak in the system. This will only make your startup better.

9.Take up Projects: Ensure to be popular by word of mouth than advertisement because the former spreads faster making one popular eventually. This will be the time when you will showcase your talent to the property buyers. What better way to leave an impression on their minds than this? You will be contacted later and soon projects will follow. You will have more buyers and clients under your startup.

10.Maintain a healthy relationship: Don’t just assume that after a property is sold and the PR done to sell the property, you have no responsibility. That’s what everyone does. You need to be different as that’s where people make a blunder. You want to be in contact with the client forever because you never know if they have plans of buying a second property and you are the first thought in their minds.

Following these popular 10 pieces of advice, reach the sky and set a benchmark for other real estate startups to follow. The result will be worth the execution.