Have you ever wondered which color would work best in your kitchen according to Vastu? There are other colors that might not be as well-known as white that are also among the best vastu colors for kitchens, though white is a fan favorite. We’re here to help you understand it by providing a brief overview of some popular, Vastu-compliant colors that might be the ideal match for your kitchen.

As an added bonus, we’ve compiled a list of colors to stay away from as well as the preferred choices for countertops, walls, and floors. To ensure that you don’t miss any information, make sure to read the entire article.

Which Vastu colors work best for kitchens?

When remodeling your kitchen, there are a few appropriate kitchen colors you can consider, according to Vatsu. Here’s a quick guide to each color and what it represents:

Vastu Colors

What They Stand For


Purity and optimism


Hope and harmony




Energy and vitality



Chocolate Brown

Warmth and contentment


Tenderness and nurturing

Metallic Hues

Productivity and tranquillity


Calmness and relaxation



Let’s take a closer look at each of these colors:

Red for Kitchen

Red is associated with the fire element in Hindu scripture. Similarly, according to Vastu, it brings happiness and luck when used as a color for kitchens. Red colors in your space aid in emitting positive energy. 

Having a red kitchen also symbolizes having an unwavering attitude toward life’s challenges. Additionally, if your kitchen faces southeast, you should choose red.

Yellow to infuse positivity

Consider yellow if you’re trying to decide which color would work best in your kitchen. According to vastu, the color yellow exudes vitality, freshness, and happiness—all essential elements in creating a positive environment.

This color mimics the warmth of natural light without reflecting it or producing harsh illumination, making it particularly effective in kitchens that don’t receive direct sunlight. So, if you’re looking for the best vastu colors for kitchens in small, dark rooms, go with yellow to channel good energy and promote happiness.

Pink for a happy kitchen

Pink represents love, which is a predominant emotion in happy homes where people gather around delicious food and converse.

It’s a great idea to incorporate a pink element into your kitchen to heighten this joyful atmosphere and spread it throughout the entire house. Pink is a subdued combination of two significant vastu colors for kitchens: bright red and sharp white.

Pastel Green to promote harmony

Green is one of the best kitchen color choices according to Vastu. It represents harmony and hope. It is also closely related to nature, which helps your kitchen to absorb a calming atmosphere.

The color green is believed to promote healthy digestion according to Feng Shui, so using it in functional elements like a kitchen island or other furniture will also win you points.

Muted brick orange

The color orange is a go-to option for a straightforward kitchen design because it fosters optimism, affects relationships, and denotes power. Likewise, a saffron orange hue exudes strength and bravery, while a subdued brick orange glows with energy and stimulation. 

In fact, according to Vastu, it’s a fantastic color for a south-east kitchen. With a better understanding of orange’s ability to channel positive energy, you can choose the color of your kitchen to match your preferences.

White color for purity

According to Vastu, white is an ideal, pure color for a kitchen. Additionally, it is associated with neatness and light, two elements that are essential to a functional kitchen.

As a result, according to vastu, white can be one of the best colors for your kitchen. Additionally, choose white as your kitchen’s color if it faces north-west to promote good energy.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate is an uncommon choice when choosing a kitchen color, according to vastu. However, this color for the kitchen is ideal because it exudes warmth and contentment, ensuring a room with a good vibe. 

Brown colors go well with a modern kitchen setup and are ideal for a kitchen facing south-west. 

Peach for a calm vibe

To bring warmth and joy into your kitchen’s decor, choose the color peach. According to vastu, using the color peach in the kitchen strengthens family bonds and represents nurturing, tenderness, and peace.

Metallic hues for efficiency

The kitchen’s metal decor encourages efficiency, serenity, and mental clarity. The best places to use metal accents in furniture are in the hardware, such as light fixtures, drawer handles, and faucets.

Neutral Beige Color

According to vastu for Indian homes, in addition to the colors already mentioned, muted shades are frequently a popular choice for kitchen colors. Beige is the best choice for your kitchen if you don’t like white but still want a neutral color.

Kitchen Colours to avoid as per Vastu

You probably already know which colors are best for kitchens based on vastu, but here are some to avoid:

  • Dark Grey
  • Purple
  • Dark Brown
  • Black

Darker colors should be avoided in the kitchen. Consider neutral or pastel kitchen colors instead for a Vastu-compliant space.

Vastu-compliant kitchen platform color 

It is important to consider Vastu while deciding the color of your kitchen platforms and slabs. Your kitchen platform should be made of natural stones such as quartz and granite, according to Vastu Shastra.

If you want something fancy, wood can also be a good option. For the best results, you can also choose a neutral shade like beige, a wooden tone, or white for slab.

Vastu-compliant flooring colors for kitchen 

Kitchen tiles made of ceramic, wood, or marble should be used if you want to follow Vastu principles. Dark flooring colors should be avoided as they may draw evil energy.

The best kitchen flooring colors are light brown, cream, or beige because they promote stability and coziness in family ties.

Vastu-compliant kitchen cabinet colors

Your kitchen cabinets can be designed with two or three different colors. Your choice of kitchen cabinet colors can help them look better and foster a positive atmosphere.

Make sure to choose the colors that go with the direction of your kitchen when choosing the appropriate hues. Here is a quick guide you can use to select the proper kitchen cabinet colors according to vastu:

  • Kitchens with a north-facing window: brown, blue, and green
  • Kitchens with windows facing south and south-east: red, maroon, pink, orange, or brown.
  • West-facing kitchens: Silver and white

Ideal colors for kitchen walls and furniture

To create a relaxing atmosphere in your kitchen, light shades are perfect for the walls and furniture. Avoid using bold or dark colors on the walls because they can make the space appear cluttered.

Choose furniture with a wooden finish for a curated appearance because wood is a vastu-approved material. Similarly, wooden accents are available in a variety of neutral colors, making them an ideal complement to light-colored walls.

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