Paintings improve a home’s aesthetics. The Vastu Shastra states that certain paintings draw good energy when placed in the right position. According to the ancient Vastu principles, artwork featuring horses has a lot of significance. Galloping horses in particular stand for power, achievement, peace, and forward movement. Consequently, hanging a seven-horse painting or a similar piece in one’s home or place of business is a great way to draw good fortune into one’s life.

According to Vastu Shastra, the south wall of a home or office is the ideal location to hang a painting of seven horses.

Vastu significance of seven horse painting

The Vastu Shastra considers horses to be one of the more auspicious animals. They stand for steadiness, bravery, strength, power, and allegiance. It is thought that hanging seven horse paintings will improve many aspects of one’s life. Running horses also represent growth and speed in life. Furthermore, the number seven is considered auspicious. According to Vastu Shastra, adding a painting of seven horses in the appropriate direction will encourage one’s efforts and produce favorable results.

The owner of a growing company or someone who intends to launch a new venture should hang this lucky painting in their office. Placing a seven-horse painting in the home’s Vastu-compliant direction can produce the desired outcomes for those seeking financial stability or career advancement.

This auspicious painting aids in removing negative energies, making it the ideal choice for home decor and attracting positivity into one’s life and career.

Seven-horse painting Vastu placement

It is crucial to better understand the impact and effect of placing seven-horse paintings in one’s home. The south wall of the house or office is considered the best direction for hanging a seven-horse painting. Keeping the painting in this location will be advantageous because this direction is linked to fame and success.

Alternatively, you can place the painting in the east or north direction if it is not possible to hang it in the south. The north direction represents wealth and success. A painting of seven horses placed on the north wall will bring good fortune to the family. The east direction stands for growth. So, placing a painting on the east wall will aid in career growth.

Placing a seven-horse painting in bedroom

There are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to Vastu Shastra principles that we must keep in mind when arranging various decorative items in the home. The rules also apply to the lucky seven horses because we want the painting to be successful.

According to Vastu Shastra, it is not advisable to hang the seven-horse painting in the study room, on the main door, in the temple or puja room, or on any walls that face the bathroom. The dining room and living room can both accommodate the seven horses’ picture.

Ideal place for seven-horse paintings at home

The living room is the ideal place to hang the auspicious painting of seven galloping horses. Always hang it from a wall facing the Vastu-recommended direction. Avoid placing the painting near the main entrance or window.

Avoid hanging the seven-horse painting in the bedroom, study, pooja room, or above the front door. Keep the seven horses painting away from restrooms and toilets.

Ideal place for seven-horse painting in office

Seven running horse paintings are thought to be auspicious and attract good fortune when placed in a workplace or commercial space. Keep this painting on the south wall of the office if you want to succeed and progress in the business. According to Vastu Shastra, the south represents fame and success. Alternatively, hang the painting on the east wall if this direction is not available.


Vastu suggests that the paintings of seven horses can be placed in the reception area. However, there are some Vastu principles that should be considered when hanging the seven-horse painting in an office or other commercial space. Ensure that the painting is facing the interior of the office.

Vastu tips for seven horses painting  

  • The horses in the picture should be depicted as running without any obstacles in a straight line or in symmetry when the seven running horses are positioned in the Vastu-recommended direction. Instead of running on water, they ought to be shown running over open terrain.
  • The picture of  seven-horse is ideal as it shows an odd number of horses.
  • According to Vastu, it is not advised to choose a single image or painting of a horse.
  • Make sure the painting doesn’t show an incomplete picture of the horses.
  • According to the Vastu, wall or the background for the seven-horse painting infuse positivity in the home. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure it is clean and does not appear dull.
  • The seven running horses Vastu painting must leave a good impression and be pleasing and inspiring to look at. Avoid placing any painting that does not bring positivity.
  • A painting of seven horses with a red background is associated with the influence of Mars planet. It will help to boost one’s self-esteem.
  • Seven blue horses represent the planet Saturn and will bring harmony and peace.
  • Make sure the painting is proportional to the size of the room. Avoid choosing a small painting for a big, spacious house.
  • Consider using a sturdy, Vastu-friendly material like canvas or wood for the horse picture frame or painting. Avoid using paper for the horse painting or wallpaper.

Vastu significance for seven-horse painting based on colors

7 horse painting colour



Grey color is associated with the planets Rahu, and Ketu.


The white color represents the Moon and also signified peace.


Orange is the color of the sun.


Blue represents Saturn and invites harmony.

Seven-horse painting with sunrise

Paintings of seven horses with a rising sun in the background are considered auspicious.

According to folklore, the seven-horse painting can bring prosperity and success into a person’s life. It is important to keep in mind the Vastu Shastra guidelines when placing this painting in a home or office.

Seven-horse painting with moon

Additionally, there are paintings of galloping horses with the moon in the background. According to Vastu, the auspicious seven-horse image represents harmony, advancement, and success.

Seven-horse near sea painting 

A painting of seven horses galloping near the seashore is another option. This will infuse the home with positive energy and speed up your work. The seven-horse image can be hung in your home or place of business for beneficial effects.

Seven running horses painting in Feng Shui

The horse is regarded as an auspicious animal in Feng Shui and is said to represent strength, loyalty, growth, and speed. Horses represent the fire element, which is connected to fame, inspiration, and passion, and are also associated with yang energy. You can attract positive energy by displaying a horse painting in your living room.

A running horse painting is a common piece of home décor because it have significant cultural significance.

According to Feng shui, a horse’s distinctive action has a special significance.

  • Speed is represented by horses in motion, such as those depicted in some lucky seven horses paintings. A horse on four feet, on the other hand, represents strength and powerful energy.
  • You can choose a painting of seven galloping horses. Another option is to hang a painting of two horses. According to Feng Shui, a pair of horses represents two unique partners who have a close relationship.
  • The white seven-horse painting is very popular. White represents the metal element. Having this seven-horse wallpaper or painting on your wall will bring you wealth. 

Vastu tips for placing seven white horses painting

According to mythologies from various cultures around the world, white horses have a special significance. They stand for purity, luck, happiness, and innocence. Since it is believed to bring good fortune, many people keep a painting of seven white running horses in their home or office. Horses were used as a form of transportation in the past. It also features a clear depiction of the Goddess Venus.

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