Selecting the right paint colour for your living room is a crucial design decision that can dramatically transform the space’s appearance. Your living room is the first area of your house that visitors see, so it is essential to choose a color combination that matches your interior design style. 

We have compiled some fantastic hall colour combination ideas to help you make an unforgettable first impression on your guests. To make things easier, we have consulted with experts, and Nippon Paint’s expert-recommended mood boards are now available to assist you in selecting the ideal hall colour combination. Nippon Paint’s Colour Vision, which is based on human emotions and thought processes, is a valuable resource that complements the homeowner’s design preferences.

Curated by Nippon Paint India’s President, Mahesh S. Anand, and colour researcher, Dr Kaustav Sen Gupta, the list of eight palettes reveals that wall colour combinations are all about life, and life is all about colour. Additionally, we have included nine bonus hall colour combinations, so you will never be short of choices!

Bright Orange and Blue Colour 

According to an expert, Dr. Kaustav Sen Gupta,  colors are an integral part of human perception and are present in our daily lives. The color tendency is influenced by individual human cognition, experience, and social behavior. 

Bright color combinations, such as orange and blue, represent mental force. The Nippon color palette Qur!ous celebrates the freedom to ask questions, get surprised, and learn more. As interior design is all about personalization, the color combination you choose for your walls will give character to your space. This guide on wall color combinations can help you choose an interior color combination that reflects your personality.

Deep Blue with Neutrals 

This color combination for walls is highly conducive to DIY experimentation, featuring shades that span from deep blues to whites and yellows. Moreover, it evokes a sense of personal growth and contributes to a tranquil atmosphere in the room. If you feel drawn to this particular color combination, don’t hesitate to unleash your creativity and explore its full potential.

In addition to bedrooms, we suggest experimenting with this color combination in your hallways and home offices. Its suitability for living rooms translates seamlessly to other spaces, making it a versatile choice for any room in the house.

Deep Blue with Grey 

These living room color ideas center around honoring various facets of life, featuring heartwarming narratives intertwined with each theme. A cool-toned color scheme for the walls, as seen here, establishes an ideal ambiance for unwinding with a steaming cup of tea.

The splendid hues of blue and gray convey both an ardor for one’s calling and a sense of tranquility.

Pastel shades 

This living room wall color scheme is ideal for individuals who draw inspiration from their environment and value creativity. The use of pastel tones creates a subdued backdrop with a touch of color. Moreover, Nippon offers several other captivating pastel hues to pick from. 

Pastel pink and orange, as illustrated, result in a striking yet peaceful hallway color combination. If this combination is not to your liking, there are plenty of other pastel living room color schemes available for you to explore.

White Color for Calming Room 

If you prefer a natural color scheme for your living room, it’s best to stick with neutrals. The N.O.W palette from Nippon offers timeless options for self-expression. A neutral wall color combination, such as white and beige, will always remain classic. 

This is particularly suitable for achieving the traditional white-on-white look. Additionally, the boho-Scandinavian interior design is gaining popularity, and the suggested color combination is perfect for achieving this style. By choosing enduring color schemes for your hallway or bedroom interiors, you can seamlessly integrate the latest trends into your existing walls.

Blue and Yellow Color Combination for Bold Room 

This color combination of blue and yellow promotes health, comfort, and positivity, with yellow accents enhancing the pops of blue. When paired with a white sofa, this wall color combination creates a visually appealing setup.

It is a favored choice of paint experts for hallways, as it is believed that the love of well-being will create a defining ambiance in homes. 

Classic Orange and Neutral color combination 

This hall color scheme draws inspiration from the Kolam, a vibrant south Indian art form that involves creating intricate designs with powdered pigments. The rich reds and blazing oranges used in the Blendentity color palette pay homage to this tradition and are perfect for those who value both individuality and community. 

If you’re looking for a striking color combination for your walls, this is an excellent choice.

Green Color Combination Shades 

Asking the fundamental query, “What is my identity?” marks the initial stage towards comprehending one’s customs. Combining shades of green, ranging from turquoise to teal, can infuse vitality into your living space. By organizing workshops and conducting discussion groups with individuals from diverse backgrounds, including musicians and entrepreneurs, specialists have documented everyday life through their recommended wall color combinations.

To stay ahead in the game of hall color combinations and remain authentic to yourself, this compilation of Nippon color combinations can assist you in becoming a design trendsetter.

Considerations Before Choosing Hall Color Combination Designs

Here is everything you should think about before selecting your hall’s color scheme:

  • Th e size of the room
  • The type of mood and aesthetic that you want to create
  • And finally, the paint finish

What Are the Different Types of Paints?

Once you decide on the wall color combination for your living room, you must determine the paint type.




Uses water as a liquifying

agent and thus emits fewer VOCs

and has less odour


Contains natural oils and

are extremely durable

Synthetic Rubber

Made from polyvinyl

materials and is non-toxic


Long-lasting and available

in a variety of finishes


Solvent-based paint that is

good for spaces where

there is rough usage

What Are the Different Types of Finishes?

Let’s look at some finishes once you’ve decided on the type of paint.




Hides imperfections and

provides good coverage


Has a soft and

subtle sheen and is

easy to clean


Has an elegant

sheen and is

very durable


Highest sheen and

durability and easy

to clean