Vastu Shastra, a traditional Indian architectural science, discusses several rules regarding the placement of pictures in the bedroom. Many people buy brand-new paintings and hang them without taking the Vastu directions into account. The same can be said about family portraits and images. Here are some guidelines that anyone who wants to hang or display photos in their bedroom should abide by. 

Vastu Tips for Placing Photos

Are you unsure about Vastu and want to hang pictures in your bedroom? We have your back. Here are some examples of pictures that you can hang in your bedroom while keeping in mind Vastu Shastra’s guidelines. 

Painting of Radha Krishna  

Couples should hang a portrait of Radha Krishna on the wall of their bedroom. The image of pure love in the painting promotes harmony between two people who live together. The painting should be hung facing the room’s southwest corner. You and your partner will become more honest and trustworthy as a result of doing this.

2. Dark Paintings

Do you have any images that evoke a bad feeling? Never hang any images in the bedroom that depict ghosts, evil, or the devil. If you do have such images, it would be best to remove them completely. 

War paintings

The bedroom shouldn’t contain any disturbing images, according to Vastu Shastra. Your heart may feel lonely after viewing a painting of an isolated person or animal. Similar to this, a picture of a war should be taken out of the bedroom because it might lead to arguments between the occupants.

Pictures Depicting Fire

According to Vastu, you should never hang pictures of fire in your bedroom. Fire is a destructive symbol and shouldn’t be kept in the bedroom. Avoid hanging such pictures because they will infuse your space with negativity. 

Abstract Art

If you don’t want confusion in your life, you shouldn’t hang abstract paintings in your bedroom. Paintings with baffling or ambiguous imagery can strain relationships between partners. If you adore abstract artwork, hang it in your living room.

Portraits of Late Ancestors

Instead of hanging on the bedroom wall, the pooja room’s northeast wall should hold the portraits of deceased ancestors. Because ancestors had godlike personalities, their portrait should be in the space where you pray

Water Element Pictures

Vastu advises hanging pictures of water features on the bedroom’s north wall. Any other bedroom walls should not have pictures of a body of water on them. 

Family Photographs

Family pictures should be hung on the southwest wall of your bedroom, according to vaastu for the bedroom. This will improve the bonds within families. Avoid displaying family portraits in the bedroom’s northeast or east corner.

Pair of White bird 

One of the best Vastu tips you can get is to hang a picture of a pair of white birds in your bedroom. The pair of birds will surely bring harmony and peace between loved ones. This picture is a must-have for all couples who want their love to go on forever.

Pictures of Wild Animals

Even if you adore wild animals, you shouldn’t display their images in your bedroom. Partners may become angry or dishonest as a result of these images or paintings.  Therefore, such pictures should be avoided in the bedroom. They can be hung in the living room, as they represent ultimate power

Painting of Buddha 

Although it is appropriate for your home to display Buddha paintings. However, the Vastu Shashtra advises against putting them in your bedroom. The bedroom should not contain any images of the gods because doing so could have a negative effect on the atmosphere in the house.

Seven-Horse Painting 

Vastu advises against hanging the Seven Horses painting in the bedroom because it could bring bad luck or negative energy to the house. The Seven Horses painting is said to bring abundance to a home.

Paintings for Kid’s Bedroom

Pictures of birds, horses, puppies, and butterflies are appropriate to hang in a child’s bedroom, according to Vastu. Animals are supposed to guard children while they sleep, according to Vastu. Having pictures of significant items gives growing children a boost of confidence and is therefore ideal. Additionally, it’s not a good idea to hang paintings in a child’s room that show violence or depressing feelings. It is also thought that having a picture of Goddess Saraswati in a child’s room is appropriate because it promotes creativity and intellectual development in children.

Concluding Recommendations for Vastu for Placing Photos

Make sure to hang your photos in the appropriate location in your bedroom now that you are aware of the Vastu guidelines for placement. You can improve your relationship’s harmony and lead a happier life by using these Vastu tips.

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