Balconies are always highly useful then why should not they be more appealing looking with the befitting design and aesthetics that brings life to the space. There is a lot one can choose from between innovative grills, textured flooring, colorful awnings and other conventional designs. We have created a list of ideas for you to consider if you are either making a new house or in the process of renovating your home. A balcony is a place where one likes to spend leisure time alone or with the family or friends. There are very beautiful and unique ideas that can be put to practical use to brighten up the look of your balcony and there is so much to choose from. Let’s have a look at many options available today to give your balcony the care and looks it deserves.

Fully covered grill for balcony

Fully covered balconies are one of the popular styles and likely one of the favourites of design and decor specialists. The balcony is surrounded by a steel cage that may be adjusted based on aesthetic preferences. Despite being fully closed, it does not obstruct the fresh air and intake of light in any way. This is simply an addition to your existing privacy and security measures.

Iron grilled balcony

One of the simplest grilled balconies, one of the most prevalent designs you can see in Indian houses. These are straight iron bars that protects your balcony. They are either entirely white or all black.

Metal grilled balcony

The metal grilled balcony makes a big style statement with modern decor and is a favourite with house buyers who enjoy the contemporary look. Instead of standard grills, metal sheets are used to design metal grills. The motifs and patterns are personalised. If you looking for something unique for your balcony grill then it will surely interest you.

Glass sheets balcony with metal frames

These are lovely and modest balcony, which is designed with glazed glass sheets used as grills and covered with running iron rods. The steel finish of the grills enhances its attractiveness. If you are searching for something elegant this is the perfect choice for you.

White iron grilled balcony

One of the most difficult design choices on the market, the grills of the balcony are painted white to offer a nice decorative element to your balcony. It appears to be a wooden railing when viewed from a distance.

Netted grilled balcony

The netted grill balcony here is encased with netting iron sheets. These sheets are attached to the running cable. It drastically alters the appearance. This style can be seen at vacation hotels or resorts.

Condo style grills for balcony

Simple thin grills are covered the whole space in this design. One particular element of this design is that, unlike typical grills, the vertical and horizontal rods are not extremely large in diameter, which gives the balcony look larger.

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