Waste GenerationNobody would have ever thought of paying for the waste, but now the south corporation has approved the proposal stating users to pay waste generation charges for producing Construction and Demolition waste. C&D Waste Management rules which came out in 2016 has been the basis for determining the charge.

Any user who generates more than 20 tonnes a day or 300 tonnes per month will be eligible to pay for the course and dumping of both types of waste – construction and demolition. Along with the charge, they will also have to pay for its gathering, depot and transportation. This is the same policy which had earlier implied by the north corporation by setting a waste plant of construction and demolition of waste in Burari.

The south corporation has decided that after setting up its own plant it will
• Impose a processing fee of Rs. 205 per metric tonne when the allowance of the building plan is given.
• Impose a processing of Rs. 225 per metric tonne if the waste is lifted from a dumping ground. It will be increased after every two years.

The areas which come under the south corporation generate waste to an extent of about 500 metric tonnes every day.

Since there were no rules to be followed before this policy, the waste was dumped by people in open spaces which led to huge amounts of dust pollution. This policy will help in regulating and controlling the dust pollution caused by malba. The most productive outcome of this policy will be recycling of this waste which can be used for rural roads, paving blocks etc.

The south corporation is determined to put a check on illegal constructions also by asking its zonal offices to levy a fine on any such case witnessed. This fine is said to be 1.5 times more than the waste generation charges.