noida authority Unitech has been seriously lashed out by the Noida Authority recently. Unitech has been instructed by the Noida Authority to prepare an audit report which has to be submitted along with the completion schedule of all the towers in its residential project named Unitech Homes in Noida. These details of homes by Unitech have to be given by 5th May. This crucial decision was taken after a meeting which was held between the homebuyers and the developers.

According to the sources, Unitech has willfully agreed to give the information regarding the completion schedule of all the towers and also the audit report. These home details by Unitech will then be shared with the homebuyers who have been waiting for the delivery of the flats since 2012.

Apart from these details of homes by Unitech, they will also have to prepare a monetary plan showing how they are going to finish the construction of the towers with their financial resources. They will have to show the records of how much money it has taken from the homebuyers and how much of it has been actually used for the construction of the project. By doing this, the accusation of buyers, that their money has been used for various other projects, can be actually checked.

The buyers have also accused the developers of misbehavior and harassment. According to them, they are not treated properly by bouncers hired by the developers.

The developer of Unitech has also been asked by the Noida Authority to conduct a meeting with the agitated buyers as they have been constantly asking for penalty for the delay or a refund of their money. This meeting will be held on 23rd of April.

As per the sources, the size of the land allotted to Unitech was 2.88 lakh square meters in the year 2007. After 2009, the builder has been at default for almost all the installments. Out of the total of Rs.900 crore that has t to be paid to the Authority, only Rs.226 crore have been paid.

Unitech has confirmed the meeting with the homebuyers. They will look into the issues of the homebuyers on 23rd april whereas, all the issues of the Noida Authority will be looked into before 5th May.