RERAAs we all are aware, real estate regulation and development (RERA) is going to be implemented from 1st May. RERA will the authority to question all the local bodies in case of any delay or default in sanction. RERA will work upon very strict rules and norms so that the developers are forced to complete the projects in the stated time.

After these strict rules, various developers brought into highlight the problem of delay in certificates and sanctions given by the local authorities. The state Housing Minister has said that they will look into these issues and will make efforts to address them. Apart from this, they are also working towards making the RERA website ready to use, to be able to experience smooth implementation of the norms and rules.

Under the RERA rules (section 7), if the developer wants to get extend the registration of the project, he has to provide valid and reasonable explanations on the delay. Therefore, in this case, the developer can explain all the reasons including the reasons involving delay in housing sanctions by local authorities. This provision will help in making the entire process transparent and fast. This is because, earlier the developers would face troubles getting the sanctions and nobody would listen to them.

There are so many people associated with the leading developers but have not been handed over the possession, even after months of due date. Now, thankfully with the implementation of RERA, people will be aware of the real and genuine reasons for the delay in the residential projects. Also, the developers will be answerable to the authorities of RERA.