affordable houseSince the government has been making great effort in the form of providing various incentives and benefits for the projects of affordable housing to work towards the vision of ‘Housing for All’, real estate developers have been twisting their plans to redevelop their projects into affordable ones.

Apart from the major incentives for the affordable housing sector, infrastructure status has also been granted to the same. The step is expected to benefit the developers of affordable housing as they will be able to receive institutional funding easily.

Many developers are choosing affordable housing projects as it will manage their cash flows, which in turn, will improve the process of construction and thus, to a good number of sales.

The demand in the affordable housing segment is quite high.

The demand for affordable housing is based on the performance of the developers and the payment options as provided to the homebuyers. Ticket size also plays a major role in affecting the decision to invest in affordable housing.

Many leading developers confirm that they have given a re-application for their projects or have realigned their projects, as they feel that there is more growth and improvement in affordable homes segment. If we peep in the future, affordable housing segment will be a very major area with a lot of advantages for the homebuyers.