RBIAs per and after the positioning of the latest House Price Index (HPI) in Reserve Bank of India, the real estate home prices in India have continued to increase.

By the end of last year, the overall index had risen to 2.2%. RBI had kept a check on 10 cities and 7 out of them witnessed a rise in home prices.

House price index is used to calculate the levels of home prices across India. HPI was 234.9 in September 2016, which increased to 240.2 in December, 2016. The increase was from 60 basis points to 8.3% if we consider the all-India HPI annual growth. Although, it was lower than the value recorded in the earlier year which was 9.7%.

RBI’s HPI has also noticed an immense dissimilarity in the movement of home prices in India across various cities.

If the metro cities are considered, they have seen a rise in home prices on a Year-to-Year Basis. Although Chennai was an exception, as it saw some control in the last two quarters.