Quality Checks To Be Kept By DM On Construction Material Used In NoidaThe district administration has taken the decision of keeping a check on the quality of materials that are being used for the construction of real estate projects.

The District Magistrate of Gautam Budh Nagar has announced that he will plan the steps to ensure that there is quality check being kept on the materials used for construction of projects by the builders. This decision has been made after various complaints by the residents about plaster coming off balconies, ceilings and even from the exteriors of buildings. The DM said that he will also discuss the problem with the authorities of Greater Noida and Noida to come up with suitable solutions.

The Noida Extension Flat Owners Main Association (NEFOMA) has demanded, while writing to the DM, that quality checks should be made compulsory by authorities of Greater Noida and Noida on the materials used for residential projects.

When Noida received heavy rains in the previous week, various residents informed about the plasters falling off from the ceilings. They have registered their complaints with both the authorities and they are adamant to take the issue to the Chief Minister as well, if needed.