aqua lineDMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) is having a proud moment as it has entered the Limca Book of World Records. The reason behind this utterly glorious achievement for them is the under-construction Noida-Greater Noida Metro (29.7km), i.e., aqua line Metro. DMRC has set a record for most girders on a single metro line in just a month by erecting 200 U-shaped girders in May 2016.

Girders are the backbone as they carry the load of the metro tracks. U shaped girders help in speeding up the work of construction.

The most amazing thing is that DMRC had broke its own record of erecting 218 U-girders in October 2016. When converted, it is approximately 3kms of twin metro along the bridge in just one month. This achievement was also registered to find its way in the record books.

There are two casting yards located in the twin cities of NCR where the U-girders are being cast. 150 girders are still remaining from the total of 2000 girders that are to be used while 360 have been already erected. U girder, which is around 27-metre long and weighs 160 tonnes, uses six cranes and six trailers for its erection on this corridor.

It is mind boggling to watch the fast pace at which the Noida-Greater Noida Metro is getting constructed.  We are hoping to see the launch of the Aqua line metro by the end of this year. If that happens, it will set one more record of being the first metro line to be completed only within two and a half years. Greater Noida will witness and experience the launch of the first runs of trial.

This corridor of Noida-Greater Noida will cover 21 stations along the 29.7km viaduct. The construction of this viaduct is done in a peculiar way of precast U girders and pier caps.