air monitoring systemTo everybody’s relief in Gautam Budha Nagar, four air monitoring stations will be installed by Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board and the first one will be set up on Noida. In about next 15 days the system is expected to get installed in NCR. The other three will be set up in Greater Noida in the near future.

These air monitoring stations are following the guidelines of the Centre for their set up. The financial cost for these air monitoring stations will be equally divided by the state and the central agencies. The budget decided for installation for these stations is Rs.5 crores.

Centre and the state government, both have the responsibility to set up more air monitoring stations to keep check on the pollution levels and update about the same to the public.
The first air monitoring station of Noida is going to be set up in the Amity University, sector 126 by the UPPCB and the centre. This way the residents will be constantly updated about the pollution levels of the surroundings.

The two already existing air monitoring stations, situated in sectors 1 and sector 6, work on the manual system, therefore the residents remain unaware of the updates of pollution level. Also, they are able to cover only 30% of the area in Noida.

Although the quality of air in the NCR remains an issue to be constantly looked into, Noida still doesn’t have even a single automatic air monitoring machine installed by UPPCB. Since, every calculation is done manually, it takes up a lot of time to complete the report.

Located in sector 62, the system of air quality and weather forecasting and research (safar), obtains its funding from the centre. But the main drawback is that it provides data for only those sectors which are situated off the NH 24.

The level of pollution is always a matter of concern in the NCR because of its increasing levels but Greater Noida is still deprived of any kind air monitoring system, be it automatic or even manual. Due to this people do not get the information regarding the intensity of pollution and hence are not able to take precautions accordingly.

The automatic air monitoring system is designed to provide data on 12 parameters which are the cause of pollution such as NO2, CO2 etc.

The high level of pollution in Noida is caused by the various on-going construction projects, 7000 industrial units and six sewage treatment plants.