DLFThe  living in the plotted colonies of the DLF area now have to pay Re. 1 more per square yard which takes the amount to Rs.3.5 per square yard, as the maintenance charges of the colony.

A circular stating the increase in the maintenance charges of DLF a DLF Area,rea to Rs.3.50 per square yard from Rs.2.50 per square yard was circulated among the residents by the DLF City RWA. The circular informs the residents that the Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charges have been increased only after a scrutiny with the DLF Estate Developers Limited (DEDL) and they will become effective from the month of April 2017.

The President of DLF City RWA has informed that the maintenance charges have been increased after almost 6 years. The RWA has also increased the level of security, improved the repairs of roads and has put extra efforts on cleaning the society. All these improvements have caused an increase in input costs and therefore, the maintenance charges in DLF area also had to be increased to cater quality standards to residents.

A large number of residents are not creating any opposition in paying the increased maintenance as they feel that the services in the DLF colony have actually improved. They don’t mind paying extra charge if the quality of everything including cleanliness and sanitation is maintained. While on the other hand, some residents have not seemed to witness any improvement in the condition of the society. And therefore, they are not in the favour of paying any extra charge.

Some residents are saying that since the DEDL has increased the charge, it should have released the circular but the circular came from DLF City RWA. On the other hand MCG was supposed to manage control of maintenance from last year. But that has not happened and the residents are waiting some action to be taken by the government.