Mahindra AuraIt’s not a new update that there is an inadequacy in the public transport system in Gurgaon. But the residents of Mahindra Aura, in sector 110, have been suffering the most from this problem as they have no adequate roads to connect them to the city. Water shortage and no sufficient streetlights are also matters of concern there.

Mahindra Aura is, undoubtedly, a beautiful and lucrative consturction by the Mahindra Lifespaces Groups. But, the lack of basic facilities and amenities around the apartment in Gurgaon brought the residents of Mahindra Aura in a serious disappointment.

As told by the residents of Mahindra Aura to a news portal, the single road that was present near Mahindra Aura was also dug up recently for the flyover construction. Helplessly, now they have to take up the route of New Palam Vihar and railway crossing, which gets chaotic with large volume of traffic because of its narrow nature.

Had there been rickshaws or autos available there, things would have been slightly easier for the residents. But unavailability of any kind of public transport makes commuting for the residents nearly impossible. Only the cabs were available in this area but they have also started avoiding pick-ups from this area due to the on-going flyover construction at this place. The only source for commuting, for the 500 families living here, are their own vehicles

If the transport problem was not enough, the residents are also constantly suffering from the scarcity of water supply in their homes. They, sometimes, have to pay to pay from their own pocket to get the water tankers in their homes.

Other problems include the security issues and the absence of any hospital in the vicinity.

About Mahindra Lifespaces Developers
Mahindra Lifespaces Developers is one of the leading real estate firms whose prime motive is keeping the customers happy and satisfied.  According to a source, their team at Mahindra aura is looking into the matter and is providing solutions like arranging for water tankers for potable water.
Water scarcity is a prevailing problem in many parts of Gurgaon and Dwarka and is not limited to just the area of Mahindra Aura.