New Delhi: HDFC declared in its regulatory filing that it has sold 14,26,497 shares of Ansal Housing, representing 2.40% of the paid-up share capital.

The HDFC sold 14,26,497 equity shares of Ansal Housing through the open market, accounting for 2.4% of the company’s paid-up share capital, both companies declared in their separate BSE filings.

According to Ansal Housing’s regulatory filing, HDFC sold 14,26,497 equity shares out of the shares it had obtained through the invocation of a pledge on various dates beginning on November 18, 2022.

The deal included the sale of 6,24,000 shares, or 1.05% of Ansal Housing’s paid-up share capital, which was completed on November 30, 2022.

HDFC said in the regulatory filing, “further to our letter informing that corporation had sold 12,63,898 shares representing 2.13% of the paid-up shares capital, we wish to inform you that the corporation has further sold 14,26,487 shares representing 2.40% of the of the paid-up share capital including the sale of 6,24,000 shares representing 1.05% of the paid-up share capital done on November 30, 2022”

According to the regulatory filing, the HDFC has 25,60,756 equity shares representing 4.31% of Ansal Housing.

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