noida first look aqua lineThe much awaited and known for the limca book of world records (for having most girders on a single metro line), the Noida –Greater Noida metro is expected to run by end of this year in December 2017. It will be just three months before the commissioning date in March. This is one of the very few good news for real estate after demonetization.

To be known as the ‘Aqua Line’, this metro line between Noida and Greater Noida has almost reached its finish line. As DMRC states, this line is the fastest metro line to be built in India in just less than two-and-a-half years which makes it eligible for another record!

This Aqua Line metro for Noida-Greater Noida route seems to be meant for records as it is also set out to make another record for being the most economical project of Metro in the country. The cost was originally estimated at 200 crores for every kilometer but the actual cost might just be around 150 crores for every kilometer. This amount seems extremely less in comparison to the Phase 3 metro which is estimated at 552 crores for every kilometer.

The reason for this difference in cost is said to be because of the ease in acquiring the land in this area which led to a fast pace construction of Aqua Line.

The real estate, which gets largely affected by the connectivity, is expected to see a boom after the running of this metro. Sadly, the realty market had experienced a major downfall after demonetization and this metro line can be a savior. When purchasing property, especially residential ones, people give a lot of significance to the connectivity of the place to important areas. This line is meant to remove all the reluctance in the minds of homebuyers related to the connectivity issue for the property market.