Finally, the people of Ghaziabad can breathe in relief as the Automatic Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System has finally become operational. With the activation of this new service, the Pollution Board of Ghaziabad will now be able to record and assess pollution data on over 10 parameters.

The system has been installed in the office of Vasundhra, with a cost of Rs.1.5 crore, which was shared between the Central Government and the State Government. With the installation of this automatic air quality monitoring system, Ghaziabad becomes the third district in the state who can flaunt about this useful system.

Before the linking of this system to the official website of Central Pollution Control Board, the data will be collated on a trial basis, for a week.

Although, installation of an LED is still pending from which the data will be analyzed and assessed at any given time. This will be installed after the equipment is tested for a week.

The LED will be a life-sized one on the terrace of the office, through which anyone (most importantly the public) would be able to witness the real-time data.

Before the system became operational, the data could be recorded on only a few factors like Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide etc. But now the board will be able to record real-time data on over 10 critical factors.

The Central Pollution Control Board also has few plans of installing and making automatic ambient air quality monitoring system operational in Hapur also but that will take a little time.