On Wednesday, the Kochi high court bench of Justice PV Kunhikrishnan said, “the notices issued by Greater Cochin Development Authority (GCDA), demanding more amount from buyers of its land plot and constructed homes is like a sword of Damocles above the buyers’ heads”.

While stating that it cannot agree to GCDA’s demand for more money for the land sold over 40 years ago, the court said that GCDA does not have any right over a plot once it is sold. Court also said that a house is every citizen’s dream and with hard-earned money people build homes. 

Petitioners allegedly said that the GCDA sent notices demanding more money without any such provision in the agreements executed while buying the plots. While GCDA asserted that more money being asked from the buyers is the pending dues from during the registration process. 

HC quashed the notice issued by GCDA and asked, why no such provision was included in the agreements. It has to be enquired whether there were shortfalls on the part of GCDA officials while selling plots, the court added while directing for an enquiry. 

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