Fight For RERA Rajya Sabha’s Committee on Subordinate Legislation (COSL) has made an appeal in writing, to PM Modi and Union Minister, M Venkaiah Naidu, asking them to review the rules of RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Act). They have complained about the weakening of RERA rules by the state government in the favour of the realty builders.

Fight-For-RERA, a homebuyers’ association, had requested for the involvement of COSL to get certified that the rules made and executed at the final stage by the states, are within the loop of RERA. Notification of the Act was done on 1st May, 2016. After that, all the states were given a time period of six months to notify their final rules. But till date, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh are the only states that have notified their final rules. Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal are in process of finalizing their rules as they framed a draft.

As per the allegations by the FIGHT For RERA association, all the rules made by the central government have been diluted and weakened by the states in support of the developers.

That is why the intervention of COSL is necessary to end the impartiality by the states. Along with the Prime Minister and Union Minister, Fight for RERA has also made an appeal to the Chief Ministers of Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana to bring the dilution of RERA rules into public notice.

The matter in concern was brought into the notice of COSL, as it can have some harsh and critical consequences in the future. Understanding the seriousness of the matter, the committee has also come to action to bring credibility.

The homebuyers have become expectant now regarding the notification of fresh RERA rules.
Fight for RERA aspires to be able to rescue the homebuyers from the suffering so that the new act which was supposed to protect them can actually give them justice.