Those who have already purchased properties in Faridabad can appreciate them now. FNG (Faridabad – Noida – Ghaziabad) Expressway has now opened the way for easy travelling from Faridabad to Ghaziabad and vice-versa. It was just a few days ago, it used to be an imprudent decision to purchase a home in Faridabad. Connectivity issues had always pulled investors and buyers’ hands back while investing in Faridabad real estate.

Investing in houses is always beneficial. Some people might had been aware of the fact and hence, purchased properties at lower rate as ₹2000 per sq. ft. few years ago despite knowing that they would not be able to live there and neither they will find tenants for their homes. And today, the same sin seems to be turning out as blessings for many.
It was just few days back when people wanted to sell their properties in Faridabad thinking that they can hardly make any plan to shift to the Faridabad area and rarely they could find any buyer for the home. Courtesy Faridabad – Noida – Ghaziabad Expressway proposal, the owners now have a sigh of relief.

Intelligent Decision
Decisions taken few years back might not looked wise at that time. But now, when FNG Expressway is in process, the decision seems to be an intelligent move. The properties purchased at that time could be due to the following reasons –

Many people had invested in Faridabad properties for the purpose of retirement days. Those who have purchased the properties in Faridabad or Greater Faridabad regions thinking of their retirement, knowingly or unknowingly, made a wise decision.

Price Value Constraints
Many of the buyers had to purchase the property due to their unaffordability of buying properties at high rate. Co-incidentally, the properties purchased under price value constraints will now be turned as blissful for the owners as the houses will now have appreciated value. The rate of property in Faridabad at one time was ₹2000 per sq. ft. (approx.) while at the same time the property rate in Ghaziabad was elevating with minimum value as ₹3000 per sq. ft. (approx.)

Investment Purpose
While some good investors made a call to invest in the projects in Faridabad to harvest long-term benefit. Those who had invested in Faridabad projects with the same purpose will now be working on the harvesting plans.

What’s There For Builders and Developers?
A big opportunity! They are looking forward to get engaged in the projects in these areas nearby the proposed expressway before the completion. The plan is surely going to improve the connectivity between projects and properties lying at the FNG corridor.

FNG Expressway Plan
The preliminary plan depicts the length of the corridor as 56 kms which will be connecting National Highway (NH) 24 (Ghaziabad) and National Highway (NH) 2 (Delhi-Agra highway). Two bridges across the Yamuna Bank will be constructed to give a smooth Noida-Faridabad connectivity. The plan, thus, seems to be destined for the complete transformation of the property markets around the FNG Express surrounding areas and their urban landscape.

Revaluation NCR Property Market
With the improvement in connectivity, the FNG Expressway will revaluate the property market of NCR regions. More of large ticket-size investment and huge economic opportunities will soon be witnessed and will be carrying long-term chain effect.  The FNG Expressway is also expected to be a helpful move for small-value markets in order for scaling up and advancing their liveability.