Noida Projects
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With the implementation of RERA from 1st May all over the country, the Noida Authority would upload all the details of ongoing and existing projects on their website in a month.

There was meeting held between the CEO of Noida Authority and NCR homebuyers’ association, in which the association was told that all the important information and details of every ongoing project would be uploaded on the Noida Authority website to ensure complete credibility and accountability. 21 residential projects were represented by the NCR homebuyers’ association in the meeting.

The details on the Noida Authority website would include all the ongoing projects with their names, area and size of the apartments, number of towers in a particular residential project and all the specifications related to the construction.

The homebuyers have prepared a memorandum in the meeting stating that they wish to have three-party meetings, with someone from the buyers’ side and someone from the developers’ end and the Noida Authority. This will help in keeping a check on the construction progress and also the problems that come up after the construction is over, like flooring, fittings etc.