Slum-DwellersDelhi Development Authority (DDA) has plans to reallot those flats to the residents of Kathputli Colony, which were returned in the 2014 housing scheme by the allottees. During the settlement of the slum, the residents were ejected, but now houses will be provided to them in Narela or Rohini. DDA officials along with slum-dwellers had visited sectors of Rohini in this regard.

However, the people who are already living in that area are reluctant towards the decision as they feel the value of their property will decrease. They will be writing to M Venkaiah Naidu, the Union Minister, denying their consent.

The proposal has already been approved by the authority and is being taken serious consideration due to the increasing number of beneficiaries in the Kathputli Colony Redevelopment Scheme. DDA plan for the slum-dwellers, however, faced opposition from the slum-dwellers when the entire situation of ejection was taking place. Later the DDA accepted their plea to extend the cut-off date for beneficiary applications submission.

Homes for 2641 families had to be constructed, as says a sources. A few more homes are expected to be constructed by developer for around 200 families.

The residents are not at all happy as they feel deceived by the government. The flats which they had bought for Rs.15-17 lakhs will be sold to the slum-dwellers at just Rs.1.5 lakh. This might have a harsh impact on the value of their properties.

The residents have been battling for basic needs like water, lights etc. for a long time.

DDA, in a meanwhile, is trying to assure that the plan will be of interest to both– the slum dwellers as well as the residents.

The slum-dwellers will be provided with a choice to shift. It will be done on a priority basis with first preference being given to the 527 families who were shifted to transit camps during the eviction drive, followed by the 750 families who had recently shifted and others will subsequently follow.