Cross-border realty investment of $2.5 billion in India 2022, Report by Knight Frank

Upcoming years would be in great favor of Real Estate in India. The Industry is emerging as investors are ready to invest after the lockdown phase.

According to the recent research report of Knight Frank, India can expect cross-border real estate investment in 2022 worth $2.5 billion approx.

Here is what Mr. Shishir Baijal, chairman and managing director of Knight Frank India, stated:

“A series of structural reforms in the recent past has put the country’s real estate sector on a high trajectory attracting global attention. Rapidly improving pandemic scenario in the country coupled with policy interventions to support realty sector growth will ensure global capital finds it attractive to participate in the sector.”

On the other side, top destinations for cross-border real estate investment in 2022 would be USA, UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Besides, investment managers, institutions, and private equity investors are predicting that the US, Canada, UK and Germany would be top investors of cross-border capital in coming years.

Knight Frank also concluded that cross-border real estate investment focus would be on office sectors as compared to residential investment in 2022.

India needs the kind of improvement to add value to the country’s economy which has been majorly disturbed during Covid-19.