Builders Can Advertise And Sell Their On-Going Projects In the three months duration which has been given to the builders to get their on-going projects registered with the concerned Regulatory Authorities, the builders have the liberty to advertise those projects and sell them.

There was panel comprising of the chairman of RERA, the secretary of Housing Urban Development and two members of RERA committee which raised their viewpoint that the RERA rules and regulations framed by the central government gives the permission to the developers to sell the units even when it is an ongoing project, till the 31st of July.

The real estate projects and even all the property agents have to get themselves registered with the concerned Regulatory Authorities within the first three months of implementation of RERA.

If the builders are at default in getting their projects registered within three months, that is, 31st of July, their projects will be declared unauthorized.

If we talk about the issue of weakening of RERA Rules made by the central government by the states, the officials have to say that some rules are foundational and indispensable. And if the states changes these RERA rules  made by central government , the states will call for some legal action.