land poolingFinally after getting rid of the last hurdle in execution of the land pooling policy, the 89 villages notified as urbanized, will be declared as ‘development areas’, within days.

In just two-three days, 95 villages in total will be declared as development areas by Delhi Development Authority (DDA), under its section 12. 89 villages have already been notified as urbanized; six more villages will come under development areas. Once the notification has been made for all the villages, the land pooling policy can be implemented by the DDA.

The land pooling policy getting executed will pave way for the success of affordable housing projects in planned areas of the city.

The acquisition of the land has been a very disputable issue and therefore, the development and growth in urban areas had become difficult. But with the land pooling policy, the land owner will be in direct control of the development and that will hopefully complement urbanization in the city.

The villages which will be developed under the land pooling policy are scattered over an area of around 77000 acres of land. Out of the total, 40000 acres will be for real estate development.

Although, the execution of land pooling policy is likely to change the structure of the rural areas, revenue villages located on the outskirts of Delhi will witness any change.

These villages located on the margins of Delhi should preserve their agricultural and natural character; otherwise the city will lose all the greenery.