footover-bridgeGreater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) is planning to construct 10 feet over bridges across the city. Feet-over-bridges in Greater Noida (commonly known as FOB) are being constructed, keeping in mind the safety and comfort of pedestrians. According to the sources, the work and construction of this project will be launched soon.

The planning department of the GNIDA has prepared the proposal of FOB in Greater Noida. It is said that the construction of FOBs in Greater Noida will start according to the traffic master plan-2021. The building caliber of the authority will also be considered and kept in mind.

A thorough review and study has also been carried out to ascertain the areas which come under the FOB proposal in Greater Noida. Initially, as per the sources, the plan of GNIDA is to start with establishing four FOBs in Greater Noida. Three out of these four FOBs will be situated in Kasna Road, Surajpur and Guar City.

After the establishment of these four Greater Noida FOBs is done, Noida Metro Rail Corporation will take charge of the construction of the remaining six FOBs.

If we look at the cost and expenses involved in the accomplishment of these Greater Noida FOBs, the cost which is estimated for each FOB is around Rs.3.5 crore. But, the FOBs in Greater Noida that are being established at the Metro Stations are estimated to cost around Rs.4.5 crore each. The higher cost of the FOBs build on metro stations is because of the merging of FOBs with the metro stations.