ethenic-Home-DecorIf there is any look that can never become outdated, it is the ethnic look! From clothes to accessories to anything and everything, ethnic has always been loved and appreciated by people. And when it comes to decorating your home, ethnic is the best look that you can opt for. Apart from looking extremely beautiful and classy, it gives a very welcoming and warm feel to the people who visit. Guests feel home when they visit a home with an ethnic touch. We know that now you people are greatly inspired and want to know the fantastic ideas to give your home an ethnic touch!

So here we bring for you some basic and easy ways to let your get an ethnic make-over! –

1. Lighting accessorieslightingNo matter how many modern lamps you keep in your home, it is actually the traditional ones that add a warm touch. Buy lamps that are made of earthy elements as they give out a traditional and ethnic appearance. They are going to add immense amount of charm to your home which lamps made of fiber or glass cannot even imagine doing! Apart from this, you can also buy lamps that are handmade or at least look like they are handmade, like, the lamps with warli paintings, madhubani paintings etc.

2. Wall decorationIndian Art wallThe wall decorations have a huge role to play in giving an ethnic twist to your home. You can hang madhubani and warli paintings which look evergreen or cover the wall with sawzi bowls to completely give an ethnic transformation. You can also cover the entire wall with woven hangings or draperies.

3. Furniture ethnic furnitureIf you have got the perfect ethnic furniture, then it can alone make your home look ethnically beautiful! Furniture made of cane and wicker looks the most appropriate and even a sofa in a bench style works interestingly for an ethnic theme. You can also experiment with handmade cushion covers!

4. ArtworkartworkIf you want to get a perfect ethnic living room, then the artwork should be properly focused on. These include terracotta, traditional dolls and puppets, handicraft items, pots etc. and you can always experiment with antique and vintage accessories like copper vases, wooden lampshades, terracotta pots etc. to enhance your home with rustic charm!

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