MGNREGA – How to check payment details online


The government develops several kinds of social welfare programs to help individuals of low-income groups. The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act was one such social security measure that was introduced in 2005. (NREGA).

The Act, now known as the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, was passed in 2005, and the scheme was introduced in 2006. The MGNREGA scheme has evolved to be the world’s largest social security program since its start.

The scheme was launched with the intention of providing employment facilities to low-income families. Under the MGNREGA scheme, every rural household should be provided with at least 100 days of paid employment every year. Hence, the MGNREGA program gives rural households the ability to work and support themselves. Such households have the ability to demand work from the government and get paid for the work they do. 

This article will cover all the details related to MGNREGA. We will provide you with complete information about accessing the portal and how to check payment and job card details online while sitting at home. 

MGNREGA Scheme Benefits 

Below are some of the major benefits of Mahatma Gandhi NREGA scheme are as follows-

  • This will provide employment opportunities for people in rural areas within a 5 km radius of their location 
  • This allows the poor population to earn money by providing them with jobs 
  • The scheme guarantees people a minimum of 100 days of work in a year, aiming to reduce unemployment issues
  • This will promote the opening of bank accounts in the rural sector, as the scheme has Direct Bank Transfers (DBTs) method for wage payments 
  • The scheme also provides unemployment allowance, which means if cardholders didn’t get any work within 15 days, they are entitled to receive one-third of the wage rate for the first thirty days, and one-half thereafter 
  • Wages are paid within 15 days of completion of the work 

Eligibility criteria

  • Individuals aged 18 years or older are eligible to apply 
  • The scheme is only for Indian citizens 

How to apply for NREGA Job Card 

Individuals aged 18 years and older can apply for the NREGA card under the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA scheme. The registration process should be done in a prescribed format or on a plain piece of paper. Applications should be submitted to the Gram Panchayat of the rural area. The Gram Panchayat would confirm the information listed below once the registration process is completed.

  • The age of the applicant, whether it is 18 years and above 
  • Whether the applicant and household officially reside within the Gram Panchayat 
  • The authenticity of the applicant’s household, as mentioned in the form

Verification must be completed within 14 days of the submission of the application. After successful verification, the eligible individuals would receive their NREGA card from the Gram Panchayat. The validity of the NREGA job card is 5 years, after which individuals can renew it with the Gram Panchayat. 

Registration to the program 

The Gram Panchayat will notify candidates by letter or public notice when they have been assigned work. If the applicant has provided a mobile number, the Gram Panchayat will send an SMS notification to them.

The Program Officer will oversee the hiring process and receive applicants’ details from the Gram Panchayat. The Gram Panchayat will provide the Program Manager with information regarding the number of people who are employed and those who are not. If a candidate hasn’t been given a job with a specific Gram Panchayat, they might look for work with a nearby Gram Panchayat with the assistance of NREGASoft.

Coverage under the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Scheme

Individuals can look for work through various activities covered by the MGNREGA scheme. The Union Rural Development Ministry has listed the covered activities, which include the following: 

  • Rural sanitation projects
  • Watershed works
  • Livestock related works 
  • Fisheries and coastal areas related works 
  • Agricultural and allied activities 
  • Rural drinking water projects 
  • Irrigation and Flood management works 
  • Construction of Anganwadi Centers, etc. 

MGNREGA Scheme’s Objective

  • A minimum of 100 days of work will be provided to any household with adult members who volunteer to perform unskilled physical labor.
  • It aims to expand the base of resources available to the impoverished for their subsistence and to produce productive assets.
  • proactive social inclusion promotion
  • Institutional Strengthening of Panchayat Raj

How does the MGNREGA scheme work?

Every rural household is eligible to enroll for an NREGA Job Card under the MGNREGA program. All adults in rural homes who are willing to provide unskilled labor to earn a living are given NREGA Employment Cards. As soon as someone has an NREGA card, they are able to demand work through the MGNREGA scheme. The government would guarantee a minimum of 100 workdays each year, and the cardholders would be paid the minimum wage for their labor. 

Steps to apply for MGNREGA Job Card online 

Here is a step-by-step guide to smoothing your application process for MGNREGA 

  • Visit the official website of MGNREGA  
  • On the exit home page, select “Data Entry.”
  • On the next page, choose your state.
  • Following that, you will be provided with the state login form.
  • In this section, you must enter your financial year, roll, user ID, password, and security code.
  • After completing, select the login option.
  • Select Registration & Job Card on the next page.
  • Then click on BPL Data.
  • A form for applications will open once you click.
  • Fill out all of the details on this form.
  • Additionally, each document must be correctly uploaded.
  • You will then receive a registration number.

The process of downloading MGNREGA mobile app 

  • Visit the “Google Play Store” to download the app.
  • Search for ‘Janmanrega’ in the search box.
  • Select the ‘Janmanrega’ app
  • Click on “Install” to install the app on your mobile.
  • The app will then be downloaded to your device.

Check MGNREGA payment status online 

Follow the below steps to check the MGNREGA payment status online:

  • Visit the official MGNREGA website
  • Navigate to the “Payment Dashboard” option 
  • You will see the login form appear after clicking.
  • Enter your mobile number, password, and captcha code in this form.
  • You need to click login after filling out.
  • Now you can check all the details related to payment status.

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