Invite Prosperity with these 6 Vastu Tips for your Main home Entrance

According to Vastu, the entrance should ideally face theĀ north, northeast, east, or west, as these facilitates prosperity. The doors must open inwards in the clockwise direction. In our effort to make the space look beautiful we ignore the fact that entrance is also the gateway for all kinds of energies (positive and negative) to enter in the house. We will guide you to keep the evil away by following these basis vastu tips:

  1. Perfect Directions: Directions are the very essence of Vastu for prosperity at home and same law applies to the main entrance doors too. The perfect directions of main doors are north, east or north-east. Entrances facing south-west bring bad luck and clashes in life. Even entrances facing south-west are also deemed inauspicious as they bring health issues, court matters and agitations.
  1. Pleasing to the eyes: Once direction of the entrance is sorted, the next important aspect is beauty !

It is always welcoming if the area in which the entrance opens up is done up beautifully and is appealing to the eyes. This resonates with the happiness and positivity. According to Vastu rule for home entrance, it should also be clean and clutter free.

  1. Size Does Matters: The size of the entrance door also plays a significant role, according to Vastu Shastra, it is desirable to have the length of the main door as double its width. If entrance is of the width 6 feet then the length should be 12 feet at least.
  1. Face the Crowd: The main entrance door must never face a desolated, broken down or vacant building or place. This hinders the prosperity of the family members.
  1. No Intersection: The main entrance of the home should never face intersecting roads. Intersecting roads are symbolic of conflicting ideas and thoughts, therefore, it is best to not face the intersecting roads. If not ensured, this can cause disharmony among the family members ultimately leading troubles and unhappiness among members of the family.
  1. Shadow Free: As per the laws of Vastu for the main entrances, shadow cast on the main entrance should be completely avoided even it is of trees, plants or creepers as they are considered inauspicious. During construction, please make sure that no shadow falls over the entrance of the home.

If followed, these Vastu tips for main entrance will bring prosperity and happiness to your home. However, we also suggest seeking advice from Vastu Expert before following the Vastu Shastra as it is a science that takes into account many factors while giving you the final consult.