Get positive energy in your study room with these Vastu tips

Studying requires a lot of awareness, attention, and focus; also, this procedure of learning needs, or mandates a place where one sits with a calm, composed, and open mind, a place where the grasping strength of the mind is heightened; a place which improves retention capability of the brain; a place where one is relaxed and can study undisturbed.

This place is what you call a “Study Room”.

Accordingly, here are some Vastu tips for the study room to be followed to be able to study peacefully and with unmatched concentration. So we bring for you these really simple tips to make your study room a Vaastu Compliant one

  1. Study room in the east direction

The east direction should be the main choice for the study area. Because the source of energy, the Sun, wisdom, educational power, surges in the east. So, if you want these facets of the Sun in your child, according to Vastu shastra, this direction is excellent.

  1. Avoid placing mirrors in the study room

Vaastu Shastra says that there should not be any reflectors in the study room. Mirrors give the misconception of the workload being double what it is. This may establish excessive tension and anxiety for the person who is studying.

  1. Arrangement of study table

How can a study room be complete without a study table? It is an essential part of a study room. So, placing the study table according to Vastu rules and guidance is necessary if you want maximum benefits from your Vastu-compliant study room.  It is recommended not to scatter your things here and there on a study table. Make it clean and clutter-free. You can put glass-framed inspirational ideas or posters on the study table, as these posters or pictures always inspire a student while studying. If you need a table lamp, better choose the southeast portion of the study table for it.

  1. Adequate light for studying

Proper lighting of the study room is pivotal for concentration and the potential to study. Dim lights should always be avoided as they hinder the focus of the student. Sunlight symbolizes positivity and thus, the windows of the study room should be in the north or east of the room. Table lamps are also a source of bright light that can be used for concentration. It should be kept on the southeast side of the table.

  1. Placement of Bookshelves as per Vastu

As you may have noticed by now, the favorite directions of study are North, east, and northeast! Bookshelves also follow the same path and demand to be placed in the same directions! Cleanliness being the most important, the bookshelves should not be cluttered and scattered with books as they cause uncalled-for confusion. Placing bookshelves above the study table is a common practice which is avoided because it brings needless or dispensable stress to the student.

  1. No bright colors in the room

As appealing as bright colors may seem to be, but they should be avoided for the study room. The walls of the study room should be painted in light colors such as white, light green, blue, cream, etc. These light colors are considered auspicious and help in building the retention and memory power of the child.

  1. Room shape is important

If possible, first the study room should be of pyramidal shape to get desired and positive outcomes as per Vastu rule for study rooms. But sometimes it is not possible so you can go for the usual rectangular and square shapes.

Referred above are some fundamental Vaastu tips for a Vaastu Compliant study room. However, it is precisely instructed to talk with a Vaastu expert to make modifications in your study room as the Vaastu Shastra is applicable as per the location and direction of the house, its entrance, and other aspects.