genuine real estateReal Estate Marketing is trending but how do people know what you are marketing is what you are doing. Many real estate agents have not done what they had promised. If you trying to fit in there, then your marketing strategies should be genuine and more than that you need to live up to the words you spread. If you want the result, the efforts should be good enough. Marketing is not always advertising or spreading the news through leaflets, banners and other advertisement tools but also has other ways of doing so. Many reputed and successful real estate agents are trusted for their inter-personal skills. If it sounds new to you, exploring this can be a gateway to unexplored possibilities that you haven’t imagined before.

Genuine Real Estate Marketing Elements

• Intentions should be genuine: This is true that what you mean reflects on your face and if you do something genuinely, that will reflect in your activities. Intentions that are honest and true should be in everything you do. This attribute cannot be measured but observed. This will ensure you good marketing because your clients will talk to people about you and this way you get more popular.
• Maintain Healthy Relationship with your Clients: Well, this should be a strategy in all businesses. Without a healthy relationship, no relation works and when it is work, it gets even more crucial because no one is bound to associate with you when you don’t have the kinship. It is imperative that you have an excellent relation with each of your clients so that they praise you and come back to you every time. Maintaining old clients is always easier than making new clients.
• Show your Efficiency: When you are associated with some builder or individual landlords, you need to make sure that space is filled up in the shortest possible time. This gives a good response to the cut-throat competition and also helps you get more credibility from those parties. What’s the consequence? You get more work in the long run. The race is really furious and one mistake, you are fired and someone else is hired. This is one way to market your potential.
• Be transparent with the clients: If you hide even the most trivial fact from your clients, they might lose trust in you by hearing it from someone else. This is the biggest mistake people tend to do. For you to establish your marketing strategy as genuine, keep your honesty intact as that bonds the two parties together forming new doors of opportunities which the existing client might bring to you.
• Deliver what you promise: I am sure most of you have encountered this. You promise a flat at Rs 10,00,00,0 and later you change the price to Rs 15,00,00,0 giving XYZ reasons. Does that work? Not at all. You need to live by what you had promised. If you are not sure of the price, don’t quote it blindly to leave an impression. The impression, in the end, is worse, isn’t it? Stick to what you say or don’t say at all till everything is finalised. You may give an estimate but never quote.
• The Content is the King: Don’t forget to improve the quality of the content when you are advertising because the words should be interesting. If not, people judge you as a poor real estate agent who doesn’t like to research. Your impression is the first thing people will make before they even come to you. Make sure, you have a strong hold over the content. If you lack the expertise, spend some money and hire someone who is proficient in the niche.
• Spend on Marketing: When marketing is done at a large scale, people know that the marketing is aggressive and there is a strong foundation. If it is done at selective places, it might smell fishy. When something is doubtful, people don’t approach. Make your visibility seen in every corner of the city; no matter if you have to spend a little beyond your budget. The return will be good. When you market everywhere, there is another aspect to it. People will take you seriously and genuine as dicey people don’t have the guts to be visible everywhere.
• Maintain your Reputation: Why do we trust certain brands more than the other competitor products? It is because of the brand’s consistency. Same applies to real estate marketing. If you are consistent in maintaining your track record, you will be approached by clients more often than ever. That will add charm to your marketing techniques.

Are you ready to pull your socks and do the needful so that your action and behaviour reflect genuineness? Get ready to mark a place in the niche and create news everywhere you go. Genuine people are looked up to while dishonest are looked down upon.