As the name suggests, a distressed property sale occurs when the seller needs money quickly to deal with a pressing situation. These can include paying off debts, moving unexpectedly to a new city or country, or experiencing a medical emergency. Even in these situations, the seller can play it cool and not come across as overly desperate. Learn everything there is to know about distressed property sales here.

A few steps can be taken to improve the outcome of this type of sale if you find yourself in a situation where unanticipated financial emergencies arise and there is an urgent need for funds. Distress selling can be caused by a variety of reasons, such as debt repayment or an unexpected medical expense, among others, and forces the person to sell off property quickly, even at a loss to raise funds.

Distressed Property Sale: Considerations 

Let the broker close the deal for you 

It makes sense if, for whatever reason, you are not in the right frame of mind or in the right mood to handle the entire selling and price-negotiating process on your own. In these situations, you should hire a broker and let them handle all of the talking and closing the deal. You will also benefit from hiring an area-based broker because they are experienced in marketing properties and know where and how to find buyers quickly. 

Advertise your property 

To sell your property quickly, you will need to find serious buyers. At this point, it would be beneficial to increase your advertising budget; you should think about signing up for the paid packages of online property listing platforms to increase the likelihood that potential buyers will respond; you should also tell your friends, family, and coworkers that your property is for sale; you should take up space for your property listing in your local newspaper more frequently; and you should become more involved in online public real estate groups on social media sites, like Facebook.

You might also think about providing your property broker with an extra financial incentive if they find you a buyer and complete the transaction within a specific time frame. This could take the form of a fixed sum of money or a larger percentage of commission.

Avoid sharing reasons to sell

Giving purchasers the specific reason you are selling would not be beneficial since it would give them more negotiating power over the price or encourage them to do things like purposefully holding up the transaction to put more pressure on you.

Dont show desperation 

It is important to avoid giving the impression that you are desperate or in a rush to sell your property to a buyer, as this could give them the impression that you are willing to negotiate for a higher price reduction in the hopes that you will accept the offer without much opposition. Moreover, attempting to close the deal too quickly or appearing too desperate could scare away potential buyers by raising doubts about the condition of the property and leading them to believe that you are selling it quickly rather than considering other options.

In summary, while it is quite reasonable that you may be in a distressed frame of mind and want to sell your property quickly, you can choose to let your paid broker lead the process if you would prefer not to come across as desperate while dealing with purchasers.

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