copper 1Copper, one of the oldest and most used metals, has now found its way in the interior housing industry too. Due to its warm texture and stylish appearance, it is slowly becoming the new favourite for the houses. The best part about copper décor in festive season is that it gives a traditional and vintage touch to your home décor along with finely complementing its modern nature. So this festive season, when you are busy decorating your place, go for copper in home decor to make your living space glow naturally! And glow is what festivals are about, isn’t it?

Go for these simple ideas to get the perfect glow of copper –

Copper Spraycopper spraysSprays have always proved to be useful whether it be deodorants, hair sprays or room fresheners. So, why should copper decor in festive season be left behind? Use copper sprays to highlights your interiors in just a matter of seconds!

Copper Blushcopper blushThe warm and homely glow by copper blush is all what you need to get the rustic and vintage look for your home. Not to forget, it depicts some sort of artistic values too! So your guests are sure to get impressed with copper blush in this festive season!

Copper Decorative  Accessories
Copper accessoriesCopper decorative accessories are the easiest way to obtain the copper feels! Fill your home with ancient copper decorative accessories like copper candle stand, copper framed mirrors and copper cutlery. You can also go thrift shopping for these accessories if you are low on budget during festivals.

Copper LampsCopper lampsLamps are things which can easily transform a dull looking place to exquisite and glamorous. Copper lamps also have the same impact, whether it be copper lamp shades or copper lamp base. So keep copper lamps in your living space to enhance your interiors during the festive season.

Copper Solution copper solution

If you want to keep it really simple and easy, then just take a bottle of copper solution and spray it on your flower vases and pots, furniture, console tables etc. and see the noticeable and elegant difference it immediately makes.

Copper Curtain Rodscopper curtain rodsBored of your curtain rods? Planning to change them? Then go for copper curtain rods in the festive season. Copper curtain rods may seem insignificant for adding any beauty to the place but they actually do! That is the speciality of choosing copper in home décor, it adds antique charm from just little things!

Copper Pots and Planters

copper pots and plantersIf you are a nature loving-person then go for copper pots and planters. They look perfectly exotic with beautiful green plants and colourful flowers. Plants and flowers will also start looking classy now, something which you must have not imagined before!

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