Colours for homeThe colours in our room have a direct impact on us as it reflects our personality. We might not put a lot of thought while selecting the colours of our home and different rooms, but it can affect our moods and emotions. Colours can enhance energy level, offer a healing effect, increase metabolism and even raise blood pressure – so, it is important to choose colours effectively.

In order to have a beautiful home – one must reflect on personalities and preferences. So, if you have found yourself staring up at a wall with dozens of colour samples and still feel clueless about the right shade, then read on:

Room Colours and Effects:
Colours act in neutral, passive and active ways. A person’s desires can be easily matched with their room colour. Dark colours are warm and elegant – giving the room an intimate appearance, whereas, light colours are airy and amiable – making the room seem bright and large.

Purple – the colour of royalty and drama:


The colour is associated with luxury and creativity and offers depth to the room. It can be used in the living room as it symbolizes sophistication and wealth.

Blue – the colour of calm and comfort:


Painting the bathrooms and bedrooms with shades of blue can offer a relaxing effect. It helps to make the room look bigger than it actually is.

Red – the colour of love and passion:

Bedroom in Red

This intense colour can stir excitement and boost energy. It can be used in bedroom to stimulate conversation and create a strong impression.

Pink – the colour of care and emotions:


One of the most sought-after colours that brings out the sensitive side. It can be used in bedroom and even in the dining room to channel the idea of joy while making the room look lively.

Green – the colour of nature and abundance:

Green Room

Green has a soothing effect on the eyes and offers a therapeutic effect. It is suitable for almost any room of the home. It promotes togetherness and fertility.

Yellow – the colour of sunshine and warmth:

Yellow interior

The bright colour can be used in living rooms, dining halls. It energizes mood and make people feel welcome.

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