TOPYour bedroom is the place where you spend most of your time relaxing and reviving your body. And when talking about decorating the bedroom, colours play a major part. What if we help you by telling you that you can choose an appropriate colour according to your zodiac sign! Colours have the instant tendency to affect your mood and behavior. And if this tendency gets complemented with your stars, it’ll be like an icing on the cake! Because whether it be your ‘’everyday horoscope’’ or checking out romantic compatibility, if we always consult the zodiac signs then why not for bedroom interiors also!

Let’s have a look –

AriesAries_pink Being the first sign, it is considered the baby among all the signs because of their adventurous and vibrant nature. So the perfect colour for their room is pink as it goes hand in hand with their personality. Though it may appear a little kiddish to some, but it has a great amount of boldness and confidence attached to it! And being bold and confident is what being an aries is all about!

TaurusTaurus_black As Taurians are stubborn and strong headed, the first colour which we can think for them is black. Being generous and always appreciating beauty, Taureans make a bold statement with black in their room!

GeminiGemini_Yellow Gemini people are known for their social, witty and lively nature which makes them adaptable to almost everybody. And which colour can be livelier than our very own bubbly yellow! Since yellow never goes out of style and never becomes boring, it becomes perfect for their otherwise easily-bored personality.

CancerCancer_Light blue if sensitivity was water, then cancerians would be considered an ocean! That is the amount of sensitivity and soft heartedness they possess. Calm and creative by nature, the colour light blue defines their personality the best! It nurtues their soul without being too dull for them.

LeoLeo_Purple copyIf we talk about drama or extreme emotions and not take leo’s name, it would be just unfair! So the colour complementary to their drama and creativity is the colour of royalty which is purple. They entertain and spice up everybody’s life with their magnetic presence everywhere they go and with purple colour of their bedroom, their personality will just enhance!

VirgoVirgo_Cream Known for their intelligent and wise personality, Virgos have an instant liking for the colour cream! Cream colour in Virgos’ bedrooms works in favour of their practical side in making decisions and also makes them look even more meticulous than they already are!

LibraLibra_Green Libras are the most loving people one will ever meet! And the most balanced too! They perfectly know where to give their heart & soul and where to draw a line. Going by these traits, the colour green which is the most balanced colour, works best for them! It suits your soft side which keeps appreciating beauty!

ScorpionScorpio_red The most passionate sign – Scorpions. These are symbolized best by the Red Colour, which is the colour of fearlessness. If you love somebody then there is no holding you back from all the emotions. Red in your bedroom graces your bold personality.

Sagittariussagittarius_chocoNever to mince with words, Sagittarians are full of wisdom and meaningful words. They can instantly lift up your mood with their words. And guess who else lifts your mood? Yes, you guessed it right, CHOCOLATES! And that is the colour for them! Chocolate colour enhances their ‘agony-aunt’ nature!

CapricornCapricorn_grey Always ready with plans even they are for after 5 years, they have a reserved and hardworking personality. Always being neutral and at peace, the colour grey seems to be just meant for their bedroom. It complements their serene nature.

Aquarious Aquarious_orangeIndependent is what defines them the best! They never shy away from trying the new things which may seem unusual to others and this makes the orange colour suit their personality according to their zodiac sign! People may find orange a little bizarre for a bedroom, but Aquarians have played a huge role in making orange the new black!!

PiscesPisces_blue Like Cancerians, Pisces are also highly sensitive and compassionate. And that is the reason they are attracted towards blue colour, though a darker version of it. They are creative and imaginative which makes them a little dreamy. And therefore, blue for Pieces works best for them having a calming effect on them!