dining area in yellow
When after a tiring day, you sit in your dining room, eating delicious food and having heart to heart chats with your family members, it takes away all the fatigue from your body. Dining room is not simply a place where you sit and eat, it is a place where you eat TOGETHER with your family. You want to know the details of how the others’ day went, pull each other’s legs and even discuss the problems going on in life. That is why the dining room is such a significant part of your living space. And therefore, it is imperative to choose the perfect colour combinations and beautiful shades for dining room. Putting time in choosing the colour combination may seem insignificant to you, but it does actually impacts our mood when we spend time there.

So we bring for you 10 best colour choices for your dining room! Because after all, a family that eats together, stays together.

1. Pink is in!pinkIf you are always in that peppy mood and also, food instantly improves your mood, then pink will be like the perfect complement for your living room. With pink, your dining room is bound to look youthful but at the same time extremely sophisticated.

2. Yellow Yellow, favourite fellow!yellowChoose yellow!. It is one of the best colours for dining area and gives vibrant and sunny look to it. Yellow is the most bubbly and lively colour ever, therefore, you can trust it to always make you feel fresh in your living room. Moreover, it is complementary to the natural light entering the dining room.

3. Orange to spice up!orangeOrange is not as bright as red but works perfectly for people who love bright but are afraid to experiment. Choose orange colour for dining room to add that spicy element which goes well with both traditional and modern types of dining rooms.

4. Truffle brownTruffle brownIf you like designing your house in the old fashioned way, then brown works perfectly for you. Brown will also work well with the wooden dining table and other wooden furniture. Keep the ceilings in white colour and see your dining room look seamlessly beautiful.

5. Green apple? Apple green!Apple green!Some people may find it bizarre to use apple green colour in their dining room. But this crisp and cool colour for dining room will energize and make you fresh once you absorb the vibe. It complements the dark flooring and white ceilings also. It is, in fact, perfect shade for the dining area.

6. Dangerous Red!redNo wonder red is the colour for danger but is perfect shade for dining area as well. This is because only daring and experimentative people will choose red for their dining rooms. Red will give a strong and bold statement about the dining room. But apart from that, it also gives an extremely cozy ambience to your beautiful dining room.

7. Royal purplePurplePurple is the best colour for dining rooms for people who wish to live with royal life. It is widely known for the royalty associated with it. Choose this colour for you dining room and watch it transform into a richly classy place! But most importantly, it adds the intimacy in the dining room which makes you feel closer to your family members.

8. Gray the neutralizer!grayDining room coloured Gray suits best for the people who are very calm and peaceful by nature. Gray colour soothes your heart and mind to help you have a neutral attitude towards things. Even if you are aggressive by nature, gray will help you in controlling your anger because of its serene nature.

9. Trusted BlueblueBlue colour for Dining room. Surely, blue is one colour which will always look good and classy, no matter what happens. If you don’t want to experiment with different colours, then go for the tried and tested blue colour. It is neither too dull nor too bright, creating perfect balance in your living room and in turn, in your mind.

10. As green as grass!grass greenGrass Green colour for Dining area. People who love nature and cannot stay away from it for a long time can get your dining room coloured this green shade. It gives a very natural and welcoming look to your living room which will make visitors also very comfortable. And not to mention, it will always make your dining room look refreshing.