Stylish HomeTo make your home look exceptionally good, you don’t need expensive things. You just need simple things that have an elegance and style factor attached to them. Just simple add-ons for stylish home are all you need.

And as more than quarter of the year is already over, why not give a little twist to your home by styling it up in the best way possible!
Just get these 3 extremely simple additions in your home décor to give it an elegant look –

1. Vertical GardenVertical Garden Since the time, the concept of flats and apartments in buildings have come up, the idea of having a separate garden in every home has completely vanished. But should you forget the importance of greenery then? Not at all! In these cases, vertical gardens become your best friend. You can create vertical gardens on any wall of your house! Vertical gardens are modular systems which can be made suitable for any type or size of the wall. In a vertical garden, depending on the weather conditions, 125 types of plants can be grown. Vertical gardens add freshness with a chic look to your house and most importantly, are very innovative and uncommon!

2. Kitchen Island Kitchen IslandIf you have a big kitchen and sufficient space, then the best way to utilize that space is to use a kitchen island. Make your home stylish! Kitchen Island increases the space efficiency of the kitchen and at the same time vitalizing the platform space. Since the amount of storage present in a kitchen is extremely important, Kitchen Island also increase it by providing extra shelves, cabinets and drawers. But the best part and function of Kitchen Island remains that it becomes so important for various uses of the family members. It becomes an informal seating place for all the family members. Family members can chat, share drinks, play board games and even have dinner together.

3. Chaise Lounge Chaise LoungeWhat do you need after a tiring day? Or what do you want when you just want to laze around during the weekend? You just want to give rest to your feet and relax in a chaise lounge. Chaise lounge, a perfect blend of a chair and a bed, is a saviour for you when you want to lay back with all your worries taking a break. A perfect add-on for a stylish home.They are available in multiple sizes and extremely attractive colours and designs. They become your partners when you just to read peacefully, just take nap or watch television for continuous hours. And what is better than relaxing in an utterly stylish accessory?

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