Antique bedroomThese are the days when we want to run away from this big fast modern world and escape into a warm and antique hideaway which makes you feel protected. Just think about this – if you could turn your room into that hideaway and just sleep out all the stress of the world? Can’t believe it? We’ll make you believe it so that you can transform your room to a vintage one with a lot of retro oomph!

Here are some must-buy antique bedroom accessories to help you make your hideaway-
1. Quilts
quiltIn a world of sleek phones and sleek laptops, people have adopted sleek blankets too. But that is what takes away the charm of the bedroom. Add antique beauty to the bed by buying vintage quilt. Start using thick and cosy quilts to instantly make your room more vintage’ly’ charming! Quilts and blankets with antique designs are easily available in the market and online shops.

2. Alarm Clocks
antique alarm clockBeing digital is the mantra for today but why in alarm clocks also? There are such beautiful vintage alarm clocks available which will just make your day if that is the first thing to see in the morning!

3. Dressing Table Accessories
antique jewellery boxEven though dressing tables are also seen less nowadays, but even when they are seen they are lacking the accessories which compliment them. Big and ethnic jewellery boxes, bangles stand, perfume decanters etc. have just vanished off! They need to be brought back immediately for the vintage effect.

4. Canopy Beds
bed canopyHow many times has it happened that you have seen an old fashioned canopy bed in a movie and wished that you had the same? I am sure many times! So why wait people? replace your normal beds with canopy beds and you can instantly see the difference! You will fall in love with your room all over again!

5. Blanket Rails
Blanket RailsBeds which have blanket rails are just so comforting. They give you a chance to flaunt your favourite blanket! And classiness just comes along with them!
6.Fireplace – if the sound of fire cracking in the winters is not comforting to you then we don’t know what is! Relaxing in your bedroom after a tiring day with the fire cracking sound in the background, what else do you want from life? Peacefulness at its best!

7. Console Table!
console tableDo it yourself! This is the most fun and easiest way to ‘retrofy’ your room! Visit your nearest flea market for furniture or look out for garage sales. Buy a simple console table at a cheap price and paint it in pale grey, white or cream colour to give you a vintage console table straight out of the 1960s! you can change the handles to complete the look!

8. Silk is the New Cool!
silk curtainsHasn’t silk always been classy, whether it be sarees or shirts? So why not use its classiness in the bedrooms also. Silk curtains can best go with your antiqueky-designed bedroom. Curtains with the silk ones come in beautiful colours and print. See how your room transforms into a vintage one giving you the sensuous feels too! And all this, with such little effort!

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