topIn India, we live with the misconception that flowers are only used for decorations in festive seasons. We have always associated flowers with festivals and celebrations. But this air of myth is wrong as flowers are evergreen and you definitely don’t have to wait for festivals to decorate your home with flowers!

So we have some really innovative ideas to decorate your home with flowers in any time of the year! Trust us, there’s so much that you can do with flowers! Here we go –1new1.Take single stems of different flowers and simply put them in shot glasses or various attractive glasses. They will make for an eye-catching and innovative decorative item.22.Who said floating candles and diyas were only for Diwali? Beautiful things should never be restricted! Therefore, make a floating floral rangoli by keeping petals, flowers and diyas or candles in a big clear container filled with water. A gorgeous set-up is ready.33.If you think that china tea pots have become outdated and you have not used them in a while, then it’s time to put them to use immediately. Display beautiful flower arrangements in these tea pots and jugs!
44.Floral garlands are very popular so why not utilize the popularity! Hang floral garlands in every place you can think of like on photo frames, doorway, curtain rods and even chair backs.55.Just like the china crockery, you can use various items from the kitchen like spoon stands or muffin pans for creating a beautiful display of flowers!66.Flowers look their best when used or displayed as a pookalam-style rangoli with different coloured flowers and petals. This rangoli is the best way to decorate your entryway for welcoming guests!77.If there are some flowers which have broken stems or are really tiny, you van display them very creatively in egg cups! This looks refreshing and innovative!

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