TOP IMAGEThe main entrance of the house is the first thing that people notice when they visit somebody’s living space. So, people make a lot of efforts to make it beautiful. But what they ignore is the fact that entrance is also the gateway for all kinds of energies (positive or negative) to enter in the house. And it goes without saying that we want only positive energies to surround us. For this, you can follow certain Vaastu tips for entrance which when followed appropriately will bring prosperity to house.

1. Perfect DirectionPerfect directionDirections are the very essence of Vaastu for a prosper home and same applies for main entrance doors also. The perfect directions of main doors are north, east or northeast. Entrances facing southwest bring bad luck and battles in life. Even entrances facing southwest are also considered inauspicious as they bring health issues, court matters and agitation.

2. Pleasing to the eyes!

home entrance
Courtesy: Renomania

It is very helpful if the area in which the entrance opens up is delightful and pleasing to the eyes. This gives you the happiness and positivity. According to Vaastu rule for home entrance, it should also be clean and clutter free.

3. Because Size Mattersentrance size

According to Vaastu Shastra for homes, it is auspicious to have the length of the main door as double its width. For example, if the width is 6 feet, then the length should be 12 feet.

4. Face the Crowd!Face the CrowdIt is very important to ensure that the main entrance of the house should never face a desolated, broken down or vacant building or place. This hinders the prosperity of the family members.

5. No Intersection!No IntersectionThe main entrance of the home should never face intersecting roads. This is because intersecting roads are symbolic of conflicting ideas and thoughts. Therefore, if not ensured, this can cause the same among the family members too ultimately leading to disharmony – as suggests Vaastu rule for main entrance.

6. Shadow –Free! Shadow –FreeVaastu for main entrance says, shadow cast on the main entrance should be completely avoided even it is of trees, plants or creepers as they considered inauspicious. During construction, people should ensure that no kind of shadow falls over the entrance.

Above are merely some of the basic Vaastu tips for main entrance for prosperity. However, it is strictly advised to consult a Vaastu Expert before following the Vaastu Shastra as it highly depends upon the location, direction and other aspects of a home.